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Mother’s Day: 9 Mommies Share Their Maternity Photoshoot Pictures And They’re Super Adorable

Tanvi Rumale

May 7, 2021

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This mother’s day we decided to get in touch with some beautiful mommies and get a peek inside their maternity photoshoots. We wish all these mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood, they say is one of the most beautiful experiences. It turns a girl into a woman and gives her an abundance of love. And capturing the beginning of it, with maternity shoots has been a trend for a while now. We have seen many celebrities and actresses come up with interesting and stunning visuals of their journey into motherhood. But have you seen these adorable pictures of real-life mommies and their maternity shoots? You’ll be surprised with how stunning these images have come out!

ZEE5 got in touch with these incredible mommies who had some beautiful pictures from their maternity shoots to share with us. And we are delighted to present them this Mother’s Day.

Gauri Sapre Joshi 

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Gauri, a graphic designer from Mumbai said, “I think, it’s enough reason to celebrate and capture every moment when you are growing a human being.” She said that putting on makeup and dressing up in a way that highlights her baby bump was truly a unique experience and she felt very pampered through it. She has always been interested in photography and loved the experience of capturing her pregnancy glow and her chubby cheeks on camera!

Renita Pinto

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Renita, a cabin crew from Dubai liked the idea of maternity photoshoots much before she was actually pregnant. She had shortlisted a couple of photographers for her own shoot but couldn’t do it due to the pandemic making it unsafe! So she made her husband her official photographer who documented her journey! She thanked her husband and said, “He was my personal photographer all through my pregnancy and when I look at these pics, I fall in love with him all over again for letting me live these beautiful moments, by capturing them beautifully.”

Yonika Veerwani

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Yonika, who’s a homemaker and also looks after her family business had a rather dreamy photoshoot. In a red gown and a floral crown in the middle of a field, doesn’t Yonika look like an absolute queen in these maternity photoshoot pictures? To her, these pictures are very special and she wanted them to remember the experience of it all. She said, “Whenever I will see these pictures it will remind me of the beautiful experience of being a mother.”

Deepa Nayak

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Deepa is a tech lead in the ITC group of companies in Mumbai. She always loved beaches and wanted to capture her maternity photoshoot while posing on them. We loved her royal blue gown and how lovingly she is cradling her bump in these pictures!

Pooja Pitale

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Pooja Pitale from Mumbai wanted to have an elaborate maternity photoshoot but pandemic ruined her plans. So she and her husband decided to have one indoors instead. When we got in touch with her, she had the most beautiful thing to say to her baby. She said, “I will be your greatest fan. I will be your protector. I will be your friend. I will be your confidant. I will be proud of you. I will love you unconditionally because always and forever I will be your mother.” If this isn’t the most beautiful thing ever, then we don’t know what is! Also just look at that adorable picture!

Prajakta Joshi

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Prajakta, an HR in Thermax had the most intimate maternity shoot with her baby’s maushis and we’re here for this! She opted for a yellow dress and a blue flower crown for these pictures that look so charming and fun with the green background and the sun rays! Prajakta is extremely close to her girl gang and wanted them to be a part of her maternity photoshoot.

Dipali Turakhia

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We love this beachy maternity photoshoot Dipali chose to do. Her glow is extremely evident and these pictures make her look radiant and ethereal! Dipali chose a very neutral beige for her outfit for the shoot and its simplicity just adds to the glow! When asked about her pregnancy experience she said, “I am quite clumsy, I have a hand-eye coordination of a fish and my husband was paranoid throughout the pregnancy that I might trip, fall or walk into a pole or something. While I was scared too, I was totally surpirsed by the motherly instincts that I stated to have. Uncanny, but totally real, palpable instincts. And, knock on wood, nothing untoward happened in those 8-9 months.”

Priyal Pachauri

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For Priyal, from the moment she realised she was going to be a mother, her world shifted. She realised all her priorities and goals in life now had a new meaning. Her baby became her entire world! She said, “Isn’t it strange how you fall in love like never before with someone whom you’ve not even seen yet. That feeling of bringing a new life to this world is eternal, no happiness is bigger than that & nothing can match up to this miracle of life.” We love this love!

Darshana Londhe

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Darshana Londhe, a Digital Entertainment Manager, who effortlessly juggles between her work schedule and her baby girl, had a lovely experience while doing her maternity photoshoot. In her own words, “Initially, it was a bit difficult as I was in the last trimester and the shoot was conducted just 5-6 days before my princess arrived, but when the process began, it turned out to be an enjoyable experience for me. The theme was kept simple amidst the backdrop of nature with my beloved baby cuddled inside me and my partner by my side. The whole shoot took around 4-5 hours and I thoroughly loved it.”

We wish all these mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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