Mother’s Day: 7 Real Life Stories Where Moms Turned Saviours For Their Kids

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate real-life mothers who protected their kids against all odds.

A Mother’s love for her child is unconditional and simply irreplaceable, right? A mother is also the most fierce human being you will meet and you dare not hurt her child! She might be all-loving and caring but if someone tries to inflict any harm on her kids, he is sure to face the wrath of a mother and trust us, no one wants to see that. Elaborating on the same, this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate some real-life mothers who stood as a shield in front of their kids and saved them from all kinds of danger. Have a look at them…

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When a mother saved her child from a crocodile

In Gujarat, Divali Vankar and her daughter Kanta had gone to wash their clothes in a river when a crocodile grabbed onto Kanta’s leg and started dragging her into the river. Divali instantly held onto Kanta and started pulling her towards the bank of the river. When the crocodile did not let go, the mother quickly grabbed her washing paddle and started hitting the reptile. The brutal blow forced the crocodile to let go of Kanta’s leg and Divali was able to save her daughter from getting killed.

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When a mother saved her boy from a leopard

Similar to the previous incident, a leopard picked up a seven-year-old boy Atul and started taking him into the forest in Uttrakhand. Atul’s mother, Draupadi chased behind the animal and also called for help in order to retrieve her child. At last, the leopard dropped Atul and he was taken to the hospital in order to get his wounds treated by the doctor. It was only due to Draupadi’s efforts that Atul’s life was saved.

When a mother saved her son by giving her own life

In Mumbai, a mother saved her toddler son by giving her life during a building collapse. Khairunisha Shaikh of Bhiwandi clasped her son when the three-storey building she was living in collapsed. The rescuers found the baby alive when they removed the body of Khairunisha. The mother and son were rushed to the hospital where Khairunisha was declared dead.

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When a mother saved her child and 25 others from glacier burst

During the Uttrakhand glacier burst, many people lost their lives to the wrath of the natural disaster. Vipul Kaireni and 25 others could have suffered the same fate, if not for Kaireni’s mother, Mangshri Devi. Mangshri had seen the glacier burst from an elevated land on which her village was situated and kept warning her son and his colleagues, who were working on a barrage, to move away from it as the glacier was about to burst. Due to her timely warning, they were able to take shelter and save their lives.

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When a mother’s code word saved her daughter 

In Ghaziabad, a couple taught their child a code word, which the parents or any stranger would use if they were in danger or needed help. One day, while the daughter was buying herself a snack from a nearby shop, a stranger approached her and told her that her father was ill. As she was taught, she asked for the code word before going with the stranger. When he could not answer, the girl refused to go with him and the man fled from the scene.

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When a mother died in order to protect her son from a dog 

In Kerela, Rincy jumped between her son and a dog when it pounced on her 18-month-old child. Rincy sustained major injuries from the incident on her nose, lip and face and was immediately taken to the hospital. She was injected with antirabies injection and serum, but a few days later she succumbed to rabies and lost her life.

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When a mother saved her daughter from getting abducted

In Delhi, a mother saved her daughter from getting abducted by two men. The men were sent by her brother-in-law so that they can extort money from the parents in exchange for the girl. She pushed motorcycle-borne men when they tried to take her daughter and then called her neighbours for help. This brave act of hers saved her daughter’s life.

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