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Mother’s Day 2021: Mithai’s Sritoma and Aparajita Apu’s Supu are no less than second mothers to their younger siblings!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 5, 2021

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This Mother’s Day, celebrating the elder sisters Supu and Sritoma, who have been nothing less of a beloved second mother to their younger sisters, Apu and Nipa.

Growing up with siblings is just as fun as it is annoying at times. Sisters get on each other’s nerves but are also each other’s best friends, right from childhood to old age! And like Aparajita Apu’s Apu and Mithai’s Nipa, the younger ones are often lucky enough to find a caring and protective elder one. Older sisters like Supu and Sritoma are no less than second mothers in their younger siblings’ lives.

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Supu and Apu

Apu, essayed by Susmita Dey, is known for her ability to get into trouble due to her fearless nature. Ever since her marriage to Dipu (Rohaan Bhattacharjee), she has faced a lot of criticism and opposition at the Mukherjee household. But keeping her on track and strictly bound by necessary rules is her sister Supu, played by Satabdi Nag, who is married to one of Dipu’s elder brothers.

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Apu and Supu in Aparajita Apu
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While Apu is the outspoken, rebellious, and restless sibling amongst the two, Supu is very calm, composed, and softspoken. This enables her to keep a chirpy Apu in check, instead of constantly conflicting with the elders of the household. Facing her own issues at her in-laws, Supu frequently feels troubled and frustrated. However, despite her personal anguishes, she protects Apu from trouble by taking every possible measure. Further, Supu guides, helps, defends, and rescues Apu at the right time, just like their mother would! Needless to say, Apu has a bright guiding light at her in-laws despite their resistance towards her along with her mother’s absence there.

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Sritoma and Nipa

Played by Oindrila Saha, Nipa is the youngest of the lot at the Modak household, while Sritoma is one of the older siblings. But the two of them are mostly found glued to each other all the time. Sritoma, portrayed by Diya Mukherjee, grew up without her mother, while Nipa has always had the presence of both her parents.

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Nipa and Sritama in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

Nipa has a rather childish approach towards life and often does not understand the depth or seriousness of situations. Taking most things lightly, or being unable to look past her own trivial interests, she finds herself being lovingly corrected by Sritoma. Sri looks out for Nipa, explains to her the gravity of circumstances, helps her with regular girly things, shares secrets with her, protects Nipa from trouble, and much more. Similar to a mother-daughter relationship, Sritoma adds the precious elements of warmth, firmness, affection, protectiveness, authority, support and more in her relationship with a young and blessed Nipa.

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