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Mother’s Day 2021: Krishnakoli’s Sujata, Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’s Anuradha and others who’ve proven mothers-in-law can be mothers too!

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 4, 2021

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This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate the small-screen mothers-in-law who managed to give their daughters-in-law the same warmth and affection as real mothers.

When a woman gets married and goes to a new house, she expects a warm welcome from the family members and love from her in-laws. In the TV shows, we have seen how many mothers-in-law have created problems for their daughters-in-law. But, not all mothers-in-law are the same. There are many that treat their daughters-in-law like their own children. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate such ladies who have shown us that mothers-in-law can be no less than mothers if they want to be.

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Sujata Choudhury

Sujata from Krishnakoli has been a very supportive and caring mother-in-law to Shyama. She has always supported Shyama and Nikhil’s relationship and has even scolded her own son when he has made mistakes in his relationship. Sujata has time and again protected Shyama from the evil antics of antagonists like Ashok and Radharani. Sujata was also a major catalyst in Shyama’s music career as she encouraged her to follow her passion.

Sujata in Krishnakoli
Source: ZEE5

Anuradha Sen

Radhika’s mother-in-law, Anuradha, in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay has been a mother to her since she got married to Karna. From being supportive of Karna and Radhika’s relationship to trusting Radhika’s judgments, from helping Radhika defeat the evil-minded members of the family to having heart-to-heart conversations with her, Anuradha has done everything a mother does for her child. Even after five years of separation, we see that Anuradha’s love and affection for Radhika have remained unchanged and their bond has remained as pure as it was before.

Anuradha Sen in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

Anuradha Ray

Just like Radhika, Jamuna has also been extremely lucky when it comes to her mother-in-law. Anuradha Ray from Jamuna Dhaki is an apt example of a mother-in-law who has not only given her daughter-in-law the love of a mother but also has been a friend to her. When every member of the Ray family was against Jamuna’s profession of a dhaki, it was Anuradha who encouraged her to follow her passion and continue doing what she likes doing. Anuradha has also been a vocal critic of Arja and has always protected Jamuna from her evil plans.

Anuradha Ray in Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Salankara Banerjee

Salankara from Jibon Saathi has taught us all that mothers too can make mistakes and if she accepts her mistakes and tries to amend her ways, it shows that she deeply cares for her children. Initially, Salankara did not like Priyam because she was brainwashed by Subhash to believe that Priyam was the one who had set her factory on fire. But ever since she discovered that Priyam is innocent, Salankara has been showering her with love and affection and has even announced that she wants Priyam and Sankalpa to get married again.

Salankara in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5


Jagadamba in Rani Rashmoni has been a mother figure to her daughter-in-law Prasanna. Whenever Prasanna was suppressed by Padma or insulted by any other member of the family, Jagadamba has always supported her and has spoken up against the injustice on her behalf.

Jagadamba in Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

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