Mother’s Day 2021: From Indhumathi To Akhila, Mothers-In-Law Who Break Typical Stereotypes

Here are a few mothers-in-laws from the ZEE Tamil shows, that will remind you of your own mothers!

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May 7, 2021


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Mother’s Day is to celebrate motherhood in all forms. A few of the ZEE Tamil Mothers-in-law, are no less than mothers to their children’s partners and it clearly shows. From Sathya’s Indhumathi to Sembaruthi‘s Akhila, here are a few of them!

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1) Indhumathi from Sathya

If you were to catch a scene between Sathya and her, you might feel like she was Sathya’s mother because of how she pampers her and values her. She breaks the stereotype that mothers-in-law only care about their sons and not their daughters-in-law. She even goes to the extent of fasting for Sathya if she is ill, how adorable is that?

Indumathi in Sathya
Source: ZEE5

2) Sharada from Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham

Sharada always thinks about how she can make Manasi, a better person. She is appreciative of every small change that she sees in Manasi, and never judges her for her choices or the way she is. She believes that Manasi can be arrogant at times, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a good person.

3) Akhilandeswari from Sembaruthi

Akhilandeswari might not be a mother figure to Parvathy at this point, but she is the best mother-in-law that Aishwarya could have asked for. She never meddles in anyone’s life as long as things are going well, and always puts their well-being before hers!

Akhila and Parvathy in Sembaruthi
Source: ZEE5

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4) Godhavari from Poovey Poochoodava

Godhavari always makes sure that Shiva never feels the absence of a mother figure in his life. She treats him like he was her son, and even cares for him as a mother would. She always tries to bring a smile to his face and that is too endearing sometimes!

5) Jayamma from Thirumathi Hitler

Jayamma will use her emotional blackmailing abilities on AJ and Hasini alike, there is no better proof than this to show that they are both equal in her eyes. She cares for Hasini, way better than her stepmother did, and it shows because of how much Hasini has changed as a person.

AJ and Jayyamma in Thirumathi Hitler
Source: ZEE5

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