Mother’s Day: 12 Moms Like Yashodha From Indian Mythology That Your Kids Should Learn About

Whether it was Anjana, Kaushalya or Kunti, all these mothers have imparted great knowledge and values to their children, and your kids should definitely know about them.

They say God couldn’t be everywhere and that’s why he created mothers. But if mythology is any proof, even Gods have needed their mothers on multiple occasions. Although you might know of many motherly figures from Indian mythology, are your kids or young siblings aware of them? Do they know whose mother Yashodha, Anjana, Kaushalya or Kunti are? Well, no need to fret, they can easily learn about them while enjoying their favourite cartoons from the Mythological shows and movies on ZEE5.


Goddess Parvati is one of the strongest in the history of the world. Although she’s the mother of Kartikeya, Ganesha and Ashokasundari, Parvati is remembered the most due to her love for Ganesha. She fought with Lord Shiv for him when he was beheaded. Parvati always showered unconditional love on Ganesha and the latter was a total mamma’s boy.

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While Krishna was blessed to have two wonderful mothers in his life, it was Yashodha, who brought him up, who is always remembered the most as his mother. Popularly known as Makhan Chor, Krishna has had many interesting incidents with Yashodha. She not only loved and protected him but also punished him if he ever did any mischiefs.

Yashodha and Krishna
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Devki was Krishna’s birth mother. Due to Kansa’s evil nature, Devki had to stay locked in prison while she sent her son Krishna to live peacefully in Vrindavan. Despite the distance, Devki heart always ached for Krishna.

Devki, Vasudeva and Krishna
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Ramayana is one of the widely read epics. Although King Dashrath had three queens, Kaushalya was his chief queen. She was the mother of Lord Ram and was always a pure-hearted mother and queen. Despite being heartbroken, she didn’t retaliate when Ram was sent to exile due to Kaikeyi’s manipulation.

Kaushalya and Sumitra
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Kaikeyi was Dashrat’s second wife and Bharat’s mother. She was a good woman who loved all of Dashrath’s son very dearly, including Ram. It was due to Mantra’s manipulation that her heart was maligned and she asked Dashrath to send Ram away. But understanding her emotions, Ram never blamed her for this.

Mantra and Kaikeyi
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Sumitra was the third wife of King Dashrath and had twins in the form of Lakshman and Shatrughna. Sumitra always stood by what’s right and that’s what she taught her sons as well. While one of her son’s Lakshman was close to Ram, Shatrughna was closer to Bharat.

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Just like Sumitra, Goddess Sita was blessed with twins in the form of Luv, Kushh. Although she was sent to live in a forest due to the claims of a dhobi, Sita never detested Ram and always taught her sons to be loving and respectful towards others. She was also an independent mother who took care of her two sons on her own.

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While many might know about Kunti from Mahabharat as the mother of Pandavas, very few know about her being the mother of Karna. She had to give up Surya Putra Karna, as he was born after wedlock. She then had Yudhishthira, Bhima and Arjuna and adopted Nakula and Sahadeva. Kunti never discriminated between her sons and always advised them to share everything they have.

Kunti with Karna, Kunti with Pandu and Pandavas
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Gandhari from Mahabharat was the mother of the Kauravas and a strong queen. Despite having a blindfold she always looked out for all her sons. In fact, she also tried her best to help Duryodhan get an upper hand in the war, which was later foiled by Lord Krishna.

Gandhari and Kunti
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Draupadi was one of the strongest women in Mahabharat. Her humiliation was the main reason behind the epic war. Draupadi had five sons, one from each of her husbands. But all her sons were mercilessly killed by Ashwathama who assumed them to be the Pandavas.


Lord Hanuman and his antics are known to the world, but the only woman who could manage him was his mother Anjana. Anjana along with her husband Kesari went through a lot before Anjana could conceive Hanuman. Despite his crazy antics, Anjana loved Hanuman dearly and always imparted good values into him.

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Lord Shani plays a huge role in many mythological stories. But do you know who his mother was? Shani was the son of Surya and Chhaya, who was created from the shadow of Surya’s actual wife Sandhya. Chhaya was every bit loving and caring towards Shani and was one of the very few people who understood him.

Catch all these and more in the Mythological shows and movies streaming on ZEE5.

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