Monkey Giving A Sweet Kiss To His Doggy Friend Goes Viral On The Internet; Watch

A new video of a monkey planting a sweet kiss on the hand of his doggy friend has taken social media by storm. Take a look at it here

Mamta Raut

January 7, 2021

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If you are someone who loves to watch adorable animal clips, then here’s a tiny video featuring the internet’s favorite animals, a dog, and a monkey. Building a nurturing and affectionate friendship in one’s life is surely a blessing and if you are someone who believes in it, then here is short footage you shouldn’t miss watching. The viral video showcases a pure bond of friendship between two mammals. The clip will not only make you smile but also make you miss your best friend. Check out the viral video below:

The clip captures the life of a pet dog who is enjoying a play date with a monkey in the sweetest fashion that may make you go aww. Dogs may vouch for the fact that all furry companions will often give you warm cuddles and affection. However, this video is different from the rest as the scarce gesture shown by the monkey is so adorable that one cannot avoid looking at the video.

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This heart-warming footage went viral on social media as soon as it surfaced online. In the video, it appears that a dog is enjoying a playing session on the terrace of a house. Suddenly, his playtime is interrupted by a monkey who is trying to land on the terrace using the branches of a tree. At first, it appears that the duo is going to end up fighting. However, viewers are left astonished when the monkey grabs the paw of the dog and plants a sweet kiss on it. The owner of the dog was present at the correct time and was able to film the rare sight.

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Appearing side-to-side, the clip narrates how different animals can exist together in harmony. Although, it isn’t clear if the two animals knew each other, but they happen to share an amazing bond of friendship with each other. The viral video took social media by storm when it surfaced on the web. If you are a hardcore animal lover and have a special place for furry companions in your heart, then this clip will surely leave you delighted.

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