Monday Motivation: Here’s Why You Need To Follow Arun Vijay For Fitness Inspiration!

Draw inspiration from the fittest action hero in Kollywood Arun Vijay!


September 14, 2020


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With the lockdown imposed by the government owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, most of you are left with an ample amount of free time. While some are working from home, others are learning new things, enhancing creativity and making this lockdown a productive one. There are a few who are taking on fitness challenges to lose that extra pounds, while others are enjoying this free time lying on the bed.

For those who want to make use of this quarantine period for a better physique but are unable to follow it and set a routine, we would suggest you check out Kuttram 23’s actor Arun Vijay on Instagram. We are sure, his Instagram handle will give you enough motivation and workout ideas to quickly help you get into those clothes you were dreaming to wear and to flaunt those six-pack abs.

Watch Arun Vijay’s Kuttram 23’s Trailer Here:

Arun Vijay, who is a fitness enthusiast, has been indulging in various workouts while he’s locked in, keeping himself physically and mentally fit. The actor, who is quite active on social media, is constantly sharing pictures and videos from his workout sessions. As this Mafia movie star is sharing his workout techniques with you, we would advise you to make the best use of it.

Fans and followers, who want some inspiration to get fit during this lockdown, must regularly check Arun’s Instagram account. He is sure to get you all motivated!

Check Out His Videos Here:

Kick-boxing is the favourite new fitness trend for many celebrities lately. And if you believe that moving like Arun Vijay would give you arms and legs like him then fear not. Take up boxing and build the same strength, endurance, and balance. Kick Boxing has many benefits; The very nature of this particular sport means muscle and mind are constantly challenged. We hope Arun has inspired you enough to take up this sport to get fit.

In this video, the actor can be seen training on his terrace. The jump he takes in this video is truly impressive. We can totally say that he has gone through a lot of training to ace this jump in this video. If you think lifting weights in gym is not your thing, then this training is something you would want to take up. But you should probably not try these stunts without a trainer.

If you want to get rid of the body fat that is stopping you from wearing the clothes you wish to, skipping is the best exercise that you must add to your workout scheme. This is an all-body workout and it is definitely a great cardio and high-intensity training workout. Burning up to 1300 calories in just an hour, skipping is a great way to lose weight and get fit.

Now, do you agree with us that you should follow this Kuttram 23 star Arun Vijay for fitness inspiration? If you scroll through his Instagram page, the pictures of the actor’s chiselled body will motivate you even more. Check them out! Also, let us know in the comment section below what you think about his Instagram handle. Stay tuned!

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