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Monday Motivation: These tips from Neeyum Njanum’s Sreelakshmi will inspire you to work harder!

Tom Francis

October 27, 2020

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These tips from Neeyum Njanum’s Sreelakshmi will surely help you succeed!

Sushmita Prabhakaran’s character Sreelakshmi from the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum has presented us, viewers, with some of the best on-screen moments. Hailing from a poor household, Sreelakshmi’s humbleness and straight forward attitude make her a favourite of Ravi Varman and the Varman Group. For everyone dreading another Monday and an upcoming work week, here are a few tips from Sreelakshmi that will surely inspire you to work harder.

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Never give up

One thing unique about Sreelakshmi in Neeyum Njanum is her never give up attitude. Be it Trivikraman and his mean comments on her, or even Sandra’s cruel moves, Sreelakshmi is not one to give up and cry. We should also be like Sreelakshmi when our work life throws curve balls at us so that we can also gain the courage to hit it back to achieve success.

Grab on to opportunities

Sreelakshmi is never hesitant when it comes to fetching opportunities. When Ravi offers her a job at his firm, she is quick to say yes to it as she sees a chance to help her family. Sreelakshmi’s decision not only helps her parents to recover financially, but also saves her from a life with Deepu. You should also be willing to grab on to new opportunities like Sreelakshmi as they will present you with some good new experiences.

Find your comfort zone

Just like working hard, you should also hold importance to your overall wellness. It can be a special friend like Ravi for Sreelakshmi or a place to relax and have a cup of hot coffee, finding a comfort zone is always a must! Sreelakshmi finds time to share her day’s events with Ravi and never lets the harsh things get the best of her.

Always find time for your family

Be it the sorrows or the small victories, always be open to your family about your struggles like Sreelakshmi. She finds support in her mother’s prayers and courage in her father Sudarshan’s inspirational words. Even if you have a bad day, you can surely find a place to rest and have the affection you need when you get back to your family.

Take these tips from Sreelakshmi into your work life and you can surely reap success in due time!

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