Monday Motivation: Ranjha’s madness for Heer is the perfection motivation for all the lovers out there

If you claim to love someone, Ranjha is the perfect example on how to infuse purity into your love. Read on to know more.


August 31, 2020


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People who claim to love often call it quits for the silliest reasons. Nowadays, no one has the time and strength to overcome minor difficulties. We have just become impatient to break up. But when it comes to true love, one needs to see Zee Punjabi‘s Heer Ranjha. The Amaninder Pal Singh and Sara Gurpal-starrer series shows you how to really love someone. What is the meaning of true love? Let us show you some instances from the show that will make you feel love.

Watch Ranjha’s madness for Heer here:

Ranjha’s constant struggle to be with Heer

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

After facing so many difficulties, Ranjha and Heer were about to get married. However, Heer’s uncle Kaido (Rahul Jaittly), her aunt Banto (Dr Ambar Bedi), and few other people set a trap to separate the lovers. When Ranjha’s family goes against his marriage, he runs away. Ranjha reaches Jhang, but he gets kidnapped by Kaido and Sethi.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

On the other side, Heer’s marriage gets fixed with Sethi’s brother Saida (Antarjeet). By Qazi’s trickery, Heer gets married to Saida, but this doesn’t stop Ranjha from loving her. Ranjha escapes from the den and he confronts Heer’s parents. While Heer leaves for Rangpur in her palanquin, Ranjha meets her.

The power of love

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

When Saida catches Ranjha in Heer’s doli, he drags out and beats him for such a heinous act. Saida injures Ranjha and asks him how dare he tired to touch Heer. Ranjha says, “Jinu main haath laaya na, woh teri begum nahi, meri zindagi hai.” Saida keeps punching Ranjha, but he constantly asks him, “Tu te Heer da ho gaya, par ke Heer teri hui?” Ranjha shuts Saida up by claiming, “Jedi meri rooh ban chuki hai, jisdi har dhadkan mainu milaan layi tadapdi hai. Us nu choon layi mainu shayad khuda toh vi ijazat lain de lodh nahi.”

Ranjha gives up everything

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Heer begs Saida to spare Ranjha’s life. She leaves with Saida, and Ranjha gives up everything. He hallucinates Heer everywhere. Allahrakhi and Shaukat meet and ask him to come back home, but Ranjha refuses to return. He says that there is nothing left for him. Allahrakhi says that there a few girls in Takht Hazara who are waiting for him. She tells Ranjha to move on, but he refuses to do so. Ranjha decides to dedicate his life to Heer.

This show and the characters of it will make you believe in pure love. So, if you love someone, watch this show to understand what it takes to be a true lover. Ranjha and his deewangi will certainly motivate you to do anything for your beloved. How did you like Ranjha’s take on love? Share this story and watch Heer Ranjha.

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