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Monday Motivation: Neeyum Njanum’s Ravi is here to teach you important lessons to succeed in life!

Tom Francis

September 28, 2020

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Ever wondered what is business tycoon Ravi Varman’s success mantra? Follow these simple lessons to chase success!

With his huge business empire and several successful ventures, Ravi (Shiju Abdul Rasheed) of Varman group is one of the most successful characters from the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum Even Anand Krishnan of Chembarathi, recognized him as a business tycoon when they met at Aravind’s party. Ever wondered how Ravi built his empire from nothing? Here are a few simple steps that you can also learn from Ravi to be successful in life.

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  1. Stay focused
Ravi from Neeyum Njanum (source:ZEE5)
Ravi from Neeyum Njanum (Source: ZEE5)

Ravi is not one to lose out on important events and deadlines for trivial matters in his life. He is focused on achieving his dreams and is also willing to work for the same. Despite having many enemies waiting to strike on him, Ravi never exposes his weakness while working for his goals. You should also be like Ravi while working so that you can achieve better results and productivity by staying disciplined.

  1. Take time to enjoy the little things
Rajaram from Neeyum Njanum (source:ZEE5)
Rajaram from Neeyum Njanum (Source: ZEE5)

The most desirable thing about Ravi is his willingness to enjoy the little things along the way. Even with his busy schedule, he is not hesitant to take a break from his mundane lifestyle. He stops by to meet Sarojam and Sudarshan as watching their simple life gives him pleasure. Ravi manages work also efficiently by not allowing his personal problems to become a part of his work.

  1. Stay humble
Ravi from Neeyum Njanum (source:ZEE5)
Ravi from Neeyum Njanum (Source: ZEE5)

When Ravi goes out with Sarojam and Sudarshan, they ask him to follow their auto-rickshaw. Sarojam and Sudarshan being simple folk found the rickshaw to be out of Ravi’s status as he is a huge businessman. Ravi surprises all by choosing to ride with them in the small auto thus enjoying some good old casual banter. Ravi shows us that happiness lies in the simplest of things, even though you may get attracted to extravagant displays.

  1. Be a true leader
Ravi is always approachable (source:ZEE5)
Ravi is always approachable (Source: ZEE5)

It is an age-old saying that a true leader is one who lifts up others to success. Even though we find it hard to get the time to help others, true leadership lies in the mentality to help the ones in need. When Sreelakshmi expresses her concerns about her family’s financial problems, Ravi instantly offers her a job as she is qualified for the same. His small gesture not only helped Sreelakshmi but also saved her family from Trivikraman’s hands.

So, are you guys ready to follow Ravi and change the world? Watch more inspiring moments from Ravi on the Malayalam serials Neeyum Njanum.

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