Monday Motivation: Let Vijay Deverakonda’s Mantra To ‘Be Extraordinary’ Be Your Motto

Let your mantra for the first Monday in 2020 be guided the man of his words, and the sweetheart of Tollywood – Vijay Deverakonda!

Sneha Bale

January 6, 2020


2 min


Before we claim the Monday to be mundane, let’s re-evaluate a few things! The year has changed, and so has the decade. It’s a new day, a new week, a new year and a new decade! There’s nothing more that we could ask for. Before the blues decide to set it, remind yourself that it’s exciting, empowering and another chance at enhancing our lives. Recently, our favourite Tollywood hero, Vijay Deverakonda, shared his thoughts on making the year better – by making ourselves better. We’re sure that his words will instill a new spirit in you. 

The actor attended a brand event in the city of Hyderabad, where he was quizzed about films, success, persistence and more. When he finally spoke, the Geetha Govindam actor shared some pearls of wisdom and knowledge. He said, “We need to do something extra for becoming an extraordinary person. For becoming an extraordinary person, we need to do something extra than what the ordinary people do.”

Vijay Devarakonda
Vijay Devarakonda

 Giving a small example to elaborate his point, he added, “If people wake up at 6 am, we need to wake up at 5 am and start work. If the people run 1 km, we need to run 1.5 km.”  Vijay said, “This is the only principle that I blindly follow in my life. Self-confidence is an important element of success. I find no fault if a hero has self-possession to express his feelings, confidence about his movie and stand by his words. I sincerely feel these are admirable and necessary for everyone.”

We hope Vijay’s motto becomes your motto for the new year. And let’s get started with becoming an extraordinary person, before it’s too late. Do keep coming back for latest updates and interesting stories. You can watch his film Taxiwaala on ZEE5.

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