Monday Motivation: Jamuna Dhaki Flouts All Convention To Forge Her Path And Inspires Us With Her Infinite Courage!

The lead character from this brilliant new Bengali TV show bowls us over with her exceptional finesse and confidence! Here’s why we admire Jamuna so much.


July 27, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Jamuna Dhaki, the titular protagonist Jamuna (played by actor Sweta Bhattacharya) is unique from most other characters in several ways! The plot of Jamuna Dhaki revolves around this one brave lady who dared to step into a field dominated primarily by men. Jamuna is a dhaki (drummer), something that is quite unheard of for women, because of the skills required for this difficult profession. The dhak or drum itself is rather large and heavy, and for a woman to wield it with such ease and grace as Jamuna, turns many a head and also raises quite a few eyebrows!

Watch an episode from Jamuna Dhaki here:

Jamuna took up drumming after being influenced by her father Ganga, a humble elderly man who is a professional dhaki. Ganga has been keeping in poor health, but has a commitment to honour at a renowned Durga puja celebration in Kolkata, and insists on travelling there accompanied by his daughter. While drumming at the puja, Ganga falls extremely ill and cannot continue playing any longer. However, Jamuna is quick to take over the reigns immediately, and keep the show going on in adept style! She powers through the performance and keeps the beat without a single moment of hesitation, despite drawing strange stares and comments from those present at the event.

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Sangeet (played by actor Rubel Das), the son of the Ray family who are hosting the event, is charmed by Jamuna’s extraordinary skill and confidence. He jumps into the dhunuchi naach (dance) with gusto, and dances enthusiastically to the beats of the drum. (Sangeet falls in love with her too.) However, all the rest of the Ray family are not so warmly receptive of Jamuna, and Sangeet’s mother, father and a sister are quite hostile to her and even insult her at times. Despite this animosity, Jamuna never backs down and responds to all the insults with impressively unruffled calm, poise, and wit! She is truly a most courageous and sophisticated woman in every way, and we cannot help but admire and be extremely inspired by her!

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