Monday Motivation: Here’s What Allu Arjun Does In A Day To Maintain His Admirable Physique

This Monday, take some tips from the stylish star Allu Arjun to maintain your best health and physique. Read here!

Sneha Bale

March 16, 2020


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There is one name in the whole of Telugu film industry that comes to our mind when we talk of style. And, that is Allu Arjun. He started as a young talented actor with Gangotri, early in the 2000s. Two decades later, he has proved himself to be a bankable actor, a massy superstar, a youth icon and the Stylish Star. As yet another Monday comes creeping up on our calendar, let’s seek some positivity and motivation to stay in shape and healthy.

Watch his film, Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India, here:

Let’s start at the top. Reportedly, Allu Arjun prefers running for 45-60 minutes every morning, on an empty stomach. He believes this allows him to start the day on a good note. Talking about his meals, Bunny explained that his lunch and dinner may vary, day-to-day. But he loves a breakfast loaded with eggs. Unlike most ‘fitness influencers’ out there, the superstar enjoys snacking on chocolate before bedtime, sometimes. Bunny also does not hold himself back from cheating on the diet, unless he has to achieve a goal that requires him to follow it strictly.

Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun (Source: Instagram Fan Page)

If you think his perfectly chiselled body on-screen comes with a lot of working out, allow the actor to break this myth. Allu Arjun has admitted that he hits the gym up to 3-4 times a week when feeling lazy. And when he’s in the mood, the inner beast gets to the gym 7-8 times weekly. Ladies and gentlemen, Allu Arjun will also encourage you to learn more about a whole new fitness regiment known as Calisthenics Skills.

Stay tuned for more Monday Motivation and interesting stories on all your favourite films and stars. You can also check out Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde in DJ on ZEE5.

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