Monday Motivation: BFFs Rakulpreet and Lakshmi Manchu working out together will make everyone go for a run

We all know how fit and fabulous Rakulpreet Singh is, but this diva derives inspiration from her best friend, Lakshmi Manchu. And you should too!

Sneha Bale

August 31, 2020


3 min


The weekend is over and so should your laziness and excuses. It is finally time to get out of the comfy bed that you have been lounging in for two days. If you’re wondering how to do that, we have the perfect solution. Because Tollywood ladies Rakulpreet Singh and her best friend Lakshmi Manchu are here to show you how.

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It is a common fact that many actors and actresses are going the extra mile to keep themselves in shape. Not only to maintain their flawless looks, but also to keep up with their crazy schedules and hectic lifestyle. One may wonder how to find an extra hour to push through and sweat it out. But Rakulpreet leaves space for no excuse. The actor is known to squeeze in an hour of full-body workout even on her busiest days. We wondered where she found so much motivation from, and it turns out that the reason is her best friend.

Since the lockdown, the two ladies had been finding ways to exercise at home. But as soon as the restrictions eased, Rakul camped at Lakshmi’s house and they made sure to push each other’s boundaries all over again. Recently, the two friends got into an intense session of Cross Fit at the Manchu house garden. The beautiful Pandaga Chesko actor struggled to hold our Mrs Subbalakshmi back. But Lakshmi was swift and strong – in running against pressure and in adding resistance to Rakul’s push. Watch the video here.

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This fine Monday morning, decide who you want to be – the one to push boundaries or the one to laze around. We’re sure you are totally pumped up. Because we are.

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