Monday Motivation: Asur star Nusrat Jahan’s words of wisdom will help you attain peace

This gorgeous actor is as wise as she is talented! Take a cue from her to gain a healthy perspective to life.


September 7, 2020


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Nusrat Jahan, the ravishing actor who starred in the epic blockbuster film Asur along with superstar Jeet and the dynamic Abir Chatterjee, is known not only for her brilliant acting skills and stunning looks, but also for her intelligence and maturity of thought. Recently, she shared some extremely wise words with us on her social media page, which accompanied a lovely photo of herself. These thoughts by Nusrat Jahan are sure to elevate your life and expand your mind in a way that you will appreciate.

Watch the trailer for Asur below:

Check out Nusrat Jahan’s post right here:

It is not unusual for Nusrat Jahan to look as beautiful as she does in these photos. The caption that she has written for them makes her post even more meaningful and uplifting. If you have ever found yourself struggling to arrive at a decision when making a difficult choice, these words will help you immensely. They will minimise the conflict in your mind and aid you to reach a practical conclusion while improving your life from an overall viewpoint.

Nusrat Jahan
Source: Instagram

“If it costs u ur peace.. it’s too expensive… key to happiness : knowing u have the power to choose what to accept & what to let go.. #thoughtoftheday #positivityiskey,” reads Nusrat Jahan’s caption. Indeed, if you have been losing sleep trying to make up your mind about something and it is taking a toll on your mental health and well-being, perhaps it is not really benefitting you very much! If the cost of your choice is your own peace and sanity, it may not be such a great decision after all. If you have the power to choose, always go for the alternative that will lead to your inner calm and happiness rather than cause you great worry! Tap into your soul, and ask yourself what that is. Take a deep breath, and let go of what does not serve you or anybody else in the long run– even if the short term benefits do appeal to you at first. After all, what could be more precious than your own peace in life?

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