Monday Motivation: Alo Chhaya Actor Oindrila Bose Has An Important Reminder For You!

We could all benefit from practising this one tip by this lovely star from your favourite Bangla serial. See what she has to say here!


August 3, 2020


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We all know actor Oindrila Bose for her role as Chhaya in the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Alo ChhayaThe popular Bengali TV show centres around two best friends, Alo (Debadrita Basu) and Chhaya, who grow up together. With adulthood comes a different set of challenges, and the serial explores their relationship as it evolves and weathers various storms. When it comes to real life, Oindrila Bose is one well-rounded and well-adjusted personality! A woman of many talents, she also helps us to stay grounded and inspired with her positive thought and optimistic nature.

Watch an episode from Alo Chhaya below:

Recently, Oindrila managed to brighten our day instantly with a simple but very important reminder. If you remember to do this, you are sure to watch your spirit soar in no time at all! Check out this post from her social media page:

Oindrila glows gorgeously in the photo that she has posted, and the secret of this lies in her caption! “There is always a reason to smile,” she says. “Find it!” This couldn’t be any truer. No matter how you may be feeling in the moment, remind yourself of your blessings (and there are bound to be many). Sometimes, it take conscious effort to remember how much we have going for us in our lives because it’s so incredibly easy to get used to them and take them for granted. An extremely effective way you can start doing this is by smiling!

Oindrila Bose
Source: ZEE5

When you smile, your face lights up and a feeling of happiness washes over you. Try it! Stand in front of the mirror in the morning, and whether you feel like it or not, make yourself smile and look at the effect it has on you. Something about making that action uplifts you immediately! It will definitely put you in a more positive spirit, and give you the enthusiasm you need to go about your day with some joy in your heart.

What did you think of Oindrila Bose’s message? Let us know in the comments below!

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