Monday Motivation: Adopt Healthy Habits By Trying Upasana Konidela’s Easy Lettuce Wraps

Monday is the best time to try and get our lives back on track. Ditch the easy unhealthy junk and get ready to add some real colour to your life!

Sneha Bale

November 4, 2019


3 min


With mundane Monday also arrives some Monday Motivation. And this Monday, we plan on getting our stomach some feel-good food. All the burgers, pizzas, kebabs, and the street-side junk might make your heart happy but does more bad than good to your overall body. While push-ups and bench-presses might make your muscles pump out, a bad diet will bring you down to zero. So, set aside your junk-budget and brush up your pans and dishes. Because this time we do healthy and we do it right!

As you may or may not know of Upasana Kamineni Konidela. She is a boss lady, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an influencer also, wife of Tollywood actor Ram Charan. Upasana is highly active on her social media and uses her reach to influence people to live a better life. This lady clearly knows the kind of lifestyle that we prefer and so, she graciously shared an easy 15 min-recipe that is healthy. And of course, it’s delicious too.

All you need is some fresh lettuce leaves, which are available at any fresh-vegetable market. To this, you can add your favourite protein, like meat, cottage cheese or tofu (the healthies). To prepare your topping, you will need some fresh mushrooms, carrots, beans, water chestnuts. Start by sauteing these in a shallow frying pan. Once brown, add some soy sauce and some Sriracha sauce to suit your best buds. Saute it for a few more minutes, turn the flame off and transfer the filling into the lettuce leaves. Voila!

Lettuce wraps
Lettuce wraps

So, go ahead and get started! We’re not suggesting you flip your lifestyle a whole of 180 degrees. But a lettuce wrap for one meal, per day, could be your start to a happy and healthy life. Be sure to come back for more such motivation. Until then, check out the entertaining Gods of Dharmapuri on ZEE5.

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