Monday Motivation: 5 T-town Beauties Who Prefer Off-Beat Training Methods Over All Else

This Monday, take a look at 5 Tollywood beauties, who skipped the traditional weights & gym to find their own, & more interesting, path to fitness

Sneha Bale

December 16, 2019


4 min


As yet another mundane Monday dawns upon us, many of us find it difficult to snuggle our way out of the cosy blankets. But today, not one or two, but we have five leading ladies of Tollywood to help you draw your energy towards fitness. So, get out of your bed and get set to glow! 

Rakulpreet Singh

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A post shared by Rakul Singh (@rakulpreet) on Dec 11, 2019 at 7:13pm PST

Rakulpreet Singh has taken the South Indian Film markets by storm, and is now on her way to conquer the nation with a Hindi and Punjabi film slated to release. Apart from her quirky acting skills, she is winning all hearts with her smouldering looks. Time and again, the actor has emphasised on the importance of fitness and believes that a healthy lifestyle is the only way to go. While she enjoys her share of weight-lifting, it is CrossFit that makes her happy. 

Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das
Shraddha Das

Shraddha Das is here to reinforce the good old ways of Yoga. At a time when everyone believes that we are forgetting our own roots, Shraddha makes everyone reinforce their belief in Yoga. If you have ever wished for a body as toned as Shraddha’s, she has a simple answer –  “yoga se hoga”.

Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna is only a few films old, but is hailed as the cutest girl in town. However, this cute girl prefers being strong too. And for that, she ensures taking some time from her hectic schedules and indulges in a session of CrossFit training. Although it is out of her comfort zone and challenging, Rashmika believes in going the extra mile. 

Shruti Haasan

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Standing out of the crowd, once again, is Shruti Haasan. For a long time, this beauty had taken a break from acting to explore her true calling and her true self. While she decided to incline towards music, the actor did not miss a day to ensure her fitness was on-fleek.

Samantha Akkineni

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A post shared by Samantha Akkineni (@samantharuthprabhuoffl) on Aug 21, 2019 at 6:56am PDT

An enviable jawline and drool-worthy six-pack abs! The reigning queen of Tollywood, Samantha Akkineni is no less than a Greek goddess. And of course, nothing that is worthy comes easy. Our gorgeous chica, too, dedicates time to hit the gym. While weight-training is a part of her fitness regime, you will see Samantha smiling the brightest when she is taking CrossFit training.

Stay tuned for more Monday motivation here. You can read about your favourite actors and stars or watch the latest iSmart Shankar on ZEE5.

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