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Monday Motivation: 4 Moments from Avarude Raavukal that will inspire you to give your best in life!

Tom Francis

September 14, 2020

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Looking for motivation? Here are 4 inspirational moments from Avarude Raavukal to start off this week on a good note!

Avarude Raavukal featuring Unni Mukundan, Asif Ali and Vinay Forrt in the lead, tells the story of three youngsters dealing with the harsh realities of life. As they meet an old man, Scobo Jones, who has a different perspective on life, they gain the courage to face the challenges and become better. Malayalam movie Avarude Raavukal is an inspiring watch for everyone who feels tormented by the amount of work on the way to success. For people who looking for some much-needed motivation, here are 4 inspirational scenes from Avarude Raavukal.

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  1. Aashiq recognises his skills
Aashiq recognises his skills (Source:ZEE5)
Aashiq recognises his skills (Source: ZEE5)

Aashiq gives up on his dreams of becoming an actor initially as he is rejected in several movie auditions for his outdated looks and ideals. As he meets Manoj through Scobo Jones’ recommendation, Aashiq soon understands that he has more heart than anyone around him. He recognises his skills and soon impresses Manoj who gives him his first opportunity to work in films.

  1. Scobo Jones changes Siddharth’s ideals about work
Scobo Jones from Avarude Raavukal (source:ZEE5)
Scobo Jones from Avarude Raavukal (Source: ZEE5)

Siddharth is a self-proclaimed slacker who hates the idea of working for a living. He is also a womaniser with unstable relationships. Scobo figures out that Siddharth’s problems are only because of his careless attitude and makes him attend a job interview. Only when he starts working, Siddharth understands that doing a job for a living is quite a difficult task and tries to cope up with the environment around him.

  1. Help each other to go places
Sidharth from Avarude Raavukal (source:ZEE5)
Siddharth from Avarude Raavukal (Source: ZEE5)

Siddharth finds himself in trouble when he is made to go for an interview his brother had arranged for him. As he asks Scobo for a solution, the old man guarantees that he is going to help him with the interview. But in return, Scobo asks him to help Aashiq achieve a makeover to shed his villager look to perform better at auditions. Siddharth and Aashiq’s story helps us to understand that helping others with their dreams is an important milestone on the way to success

  1. Vijay forgives himself
A still from Avrude Raavukal (Source:ZEE5)
Vinay Forrt in Avrude Raavukal (Source: ZEE5)

Vinay Forrt’s character Vijay from the Malayalam movie Avarude Raavukal is a man of mystery. He feels responsible for his friend’s death and is also heartbroken from his girlfriend leaving him for the same. Scobo Jones makes some positive changes in Vijay and asks him to try and forgive himself. After a lot of soul-searching, Vijay figures out that his problems arise from him thinking that he is at fault for everything. Vijay’s story teaches us how moving on is an important part of dealing with life’s problems.

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