Monday Motivation: 4 Healthy And Tasty Breakfast Ideas By Upasana To Wake You Up Excitedly

Sneha Bale

February 24, 2020


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Oats Upma

After a long and eventful weekend, waking up on Monday could be more than just difficult. However, there is nothing that a good meal cannot fix. We hope the foodie in you agrees with us. So, this Monday, get a headstart to the week by getting yourself back on the right track. Entrepreneur, influencer, a celebrity, Ram Charan‘s wife, Upasana Kamineni Konidela always comes to our rescue. The graceful lady has four ways to make the boring oats interesting. Check out the recipes here.

Add a healthy twist to your Upma, by replacing semolina or rava with oats. Start by sauteing chana dal, urad dal, chillies, curry leaves, diced onions and oats in ghee. Once done, add water and bring it to a boil. Keep stirring and wait for the right consistency. Sprinkle a dash of coriander and gobble up.

Oats Khichdi

For the ones who would want a breakfast that’s nothing less than king-size, here’s a healthy oats khichdi at your rescue. Soak dal in a pressure cooker for a few minutes before adding oats to it. Add ghee, a pinch of salt and keep it on medium flame. Allow it to cook well and prepare to temper on the other hand. Take a pan and add ghee to it, before adding in dried red chillies, mustard seeds, garlic and cumin seeds. Let it splutter and add it to cooked dal and oats mix. And that’s it, your healthy breakfast is ready.

Oats and Beetroot Idli

When you get bored of the regular idlis and dosas, give it a visually-amazing touch by adding it beetroot to the batter. Start by cutting a few pieces of beetroot and directly add it to your food processor. Now, add oats and water to blend it into a coarse cream-like consistency. Grease your idli tray with ghee or butter and add the batter it. Allow it to steam over a few minutes and savour the oats and beetroot idlis with your favourite pachadi or chutney.

Oats and Banana Pancakes

Last and the simplest of all! Take a food processor and add oats, banana, and coconut milk. Be sure to keep the consistency of this mixture close to that of idli batter. Now, take a pan on flame and grease it with ghee before pouring a scoop of the batter on it. Spread it out to the desired thickness and let it cook well on both sides. Flip it on to a plate and drizzle honey over it and serve it with berries or more bananas on the side.

You can find more interesting and simple recipes right here on ZEE5. Don’t forget to catch up on some entertainment through your busy week, by watching Chadarangam.

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