Monday Motivation: 10 Inspirational Quotes To Kick-Start The Week On A High Note

Sneha Bale

December 23, 2019


1 min

Self before the rest

It’s another Monday, and the weather is too pleasant to stay in bed and snuggle in the blanket all day long. But we need some motivation. So, let’s start with the countdown until we walk into the new year and the new decade. We have a little over a week until the NYE. And to be there, we need to get out of where we are. So, get started for the day with some motivational quotes and slay the day.

Everyone is self-made but only the successful will admit it.


What could you have done while you were telling yourself you can’t?

Note to self

I’m going to make you so proud!

No apology

Take charge of yourself, and don’t apologise for it.


When you’re brave, you empower others around you to be brave too.

:( ):

If you frown at the mirror it won’t smile back.

Only way forward

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Love yourself

Think highly of yourself, because the world takes you at your estimate.

No failing

Most people don’t fail because they couldn’t, they fail because they didn’t.


Walk like the ground beneath you is glowing.

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