Monday Memes: 9 EXCLUSIVE Pics Of Zee Kannada Stars That We Added Hilarious Dialogues To

Parinika Uchil

October 14, 2019

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Gattimela’s Sarthak’s Hilarious Expression For His Wife Aadya

Source: ZEE5

Monday’s are quite tedious as you know that your whole week depends on how this one day goes, isn’t it? Well, we decided to cheer you up with some hilarious memes that we have created from some EXCLUSIVE pics of your favourite Zee Kannada stars from Gattimela (Sarthak, Aadya and Adithi), Kamali (Chandru-Annapoorna, Ningi and Kamini-Urmila) and Radha Kalyana (Radha, Vajramuni and Kathriguppe Kanthamma).

So without further ado, we will leave you to ‘Laugh-Out-Loud’ with these funny Monday Memes. Sarthak not only gives us brother goals with his love and care towards his sisters but is also a good husband to Aadya. Keep scrolling for more…

Aadya’s Annoyed Reaction To Her Husband’s Prankster Stare

Source: ZEE5

Obviously, while Aadya is modern, she is still a very shy wife and is uncomfortable with such stares from her husband. Apart from this dialogue, can you think of anything better? #rofl

Meanwhile, All Gattimela’s Adithi Wants For Ammu Is This…

Source: ZEE5

Amulya is the terror of her house and everyone including Adithi is very scared of her. Needless to say, while looking at Ammu and Vedanth all she can sincerely hope is that her ‘Rowdy Baby’ doesn’t kill him before they both fall in love.

Kamali’s Kamini And Urmila Are Too Worrisome About Their Hair For Some Reason

Source: ZEE5

 As you can see Kamini is much more interested in her hair than seeking vengeance. Her daughter Urmila too is following in her footsteps except instead of running her hand across her hair like her mother, she twirls her sideburns!

Chandru Is Hysterical Looking At Urmila-Kamini While Annapoorna Shows Exasperation

Source: ZEE5

There is no need to explain this pic as you can Urmila’s husband and mother-in-law Annpoorna react to her hand-on-the-hair pose in the most funniest way possible!

Kamali’s Best Friend Ningi Is All About The Food

Source: ZEE5

Anytime you see Ningi making this expression, be rest assured she has spotted food around or has smelt it. Even in this picture, her innocence towards the love for food gives her personality a wonderful character.

Radha Complains To The Camera About Vajramuni’s Injustice

Source: ZEE5

As you can see, Radha’s cute pose reminds me of an adorable schoolgirl, who accuses a boy in her class for pulling her hair. And what does she do after complaining? Scroll further to find out!

Radha Gets Her Revenge Alright!

Source: ZEE5

What did you learn from this? Looks are defective and the cuter you are the more dangerous you should be! Hope Vajramuni, on the show, actually stays away from Radha, don’t you?

The School Principal Gives Vajramuni An Idea To Give A Fitting Reply To Radha

Source: ZEE5

In this case, Kanthamma is the principal who supports Vajramuni and gives him all bad ideas to ensure Radha becomes his, even though they are unfair methods!

Did you like this set of memes? Would you like to see more? Talk to us through the comment box given below.

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