Moderna Believes In Its Vaccine’s Efficacy Against New COVID Strains In UK, SA

The vaccine manufacturer however said that it will add a third dosage in the form of a booster to its two-shot COVID inoculation as an extra precaution

Raghav N

January 27, 2021

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Biotechnology firm Moderna announced that its COVID vaccine is effective against the new strain of the virus in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. However, after conducting inhouse lab studies, the manufacturer has decided to add a booster out of caution, which will make the inoculation a three-shot one instead of the current two dosage.

A pre-clinical research on the booster has also been initiated for the South African version, which according to an earlier study has witnessed a six-fold reduction in it neutralising anti-body levels, though it still continues to give enough protection against new variant of Coronavirus. The vaccine’s efficacy remains good for the UK’s mutated version as observed by the researchers. The pharma giant is hopeful that the new jab, that will be developed using the mRNA-1273 technology will also remain usable against any new strains that may emerge in the future.

Data released in November last year showed Moderna’s shots to be 94.1% successful in combating the novel virus. On Monday, news of indigenous company Tata Medical and Diagnostics exploring the possibility of tying up with India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to bring the American company’s immunisation to India emerged.

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