Mithila Palkar Shares Her Ideas On The Perfect Date & Gift For Valentine’s Day

Mithila Palkar recently shared a few details about the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day and how it can be made special with a few pointers. Have a look at the details here.

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February 12, 2021

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Actor Mithila Palkar recently answered a few interesting questions about Valentine’s Day and the idea of love in general. In the short interaction, she revealed that she believed a box of chocolates can make any lover happy, irrespective of the occasion. She is also a fan of ice-cream and would accept the delicious delight with all her heart. Speaking about her favourite couple, Mithila Palkar said that her grandparents are her favourite couple in real life and she is slightly biased towards Dhruv and Kavya, from Little Things when it comes to her most-liked onscreen couple. The actor also made it clear that she does not create much hype about 14th February and treats it like every other day in the calendar.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Mithila Palkar’s take on Valentine’s Day and its significance:

Actor Mithila Palkar recently opened up on her love life and how she celebrates Valentine’s Day every year. In the video shared above, she can be seen candidly speaking about the idea of Valentine’s Day and her idea of an ideal date in the first segment of the video, the much-loved actor states that she believes love is a deep relationship and quick decisions cannot be made with it. She said that she prefers being friends first and moving on to a relationship rather than falling in love at first sight. She also mentioned later that she likes the idea of being in love forever when compared to hooking up or going on a casual date.

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Mithila Palkar was also asked about her idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and the ideal date that never fails. She said that she likes the idea of gifting chocolates and ice-creams as she feels it is the best way to lighten up the mood. Speaking about the ideal date, Mithila Palkar said that she likes sitting at home, by the window, and sipping on a cup of tea with her partner. The actor also stated in another segment that she is not a very romantic person in real life.

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