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Mithai: 5 times an otherwise uninterested Siddhartha stood up for Mithai in times of need

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 18, 2021

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Here are some of the times when Siddhartha stood up for Mithai against his family members and supported her in times of need.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Mithai stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak in the lead roles. Siddhartha and Mithai have had a difficult relationship ever since they got married. They always fight about silly things and are yet to experience love for each other. Siddhartha has quite often insulted Mithai, almost always for no fault of hers. But there have been few times when he stood up for Mithai against his family members.

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When Mithai and Parbati sought shelter at the Modak household

This incident took place before Mithai and Sid’s wedding. When Mithai was forced to marry a local goon by her aunt, she along with her mother and brother ran away from the marriage venue and visited Monohora in order to seek shelter for the night. Mithai’s mother, Parbati, introduced herself as Siddhartha’s mother Aarti’s friend, and everyone agreed to let them stay for the night. Samaresh objected to this decision, but Siddhartha stepped in and told his father to let them stay at the Modak house for the night as they were alone and in dire need of shelter and also because Parbati is Aarti’s friend. This decision later changed Mithai and Siddhartha’s lives forever!

Siddhartha in Mithai
Source: ZEE5

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When Samaresh insulted Mithai after the business faced issues

In one of the episodes, Som instigated the workers at Siddheshwar Modak’s shop and asked them to quit. His intention was to show everyone that Mithai was incapable of handling the business and thus all the workers left. When Samaresh got to know about the workers leaving, he got angry with Mithai and started insulting her. He asked her to leave the Modak family and go back to her mother’s house, but Siddhartha stepped in and stopped Mithai from leaving. He said that it is Samaresh who forced Mithai to join the business. Hence, he was the one responsible for the consequences.

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
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When Samaresh blamed Mithai for Nipa’s disappearance 

In a recent episode, Nipa disappeared from a beauty parlour on her wedding day and ran away with a certain Aditya Aggarwal. When Mithai and Siddhartha found out about Nipa’s disappearance, Siddhartha called Samaresh to inform about the incident. Samaresh started blaming Mithai and said that due to her negligence, Nipa was able to run away from the parlour. Siddhartha stopped his father from insulting Mithai any further and said that it was useless to blame Mithai for Nipa’s mistakes and that they should focus on finding Nipa instead. This gesture was definitely a surprising one for us all!

Siddhartha and Mithai in Mithai
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When Siddhartha stood up for Mithai in front of Revati

Siddhartha was once involved in a near-fatal incident. After a fight with Dadai, Siddhartha walked out of the house and booked a room in a hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel caught fire and Siddhartha lost consciousness inside his room. Mithai reached the spot on time and rescued Siddhartha. When they returned home, Torsha’s mother, Revati, started blaming Mithai and said that she created more problems by going inside the building. Siddhartha stopped Revati and said that he was alive only because of Mithai.

Siddhartha, Revati and Modak family members in Mithai
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