Mission Over Mars Highlights 4 Ways In Which Females Bond With Each Other

To all the women out there, here’s how you can bond with your female friends, colleagues or relatives


April 24, 2020

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Directed by Vinay Waikul, Mission Over Mars is a ZEE5 original series that tells the story of four women- Nandita, Moushumi, Neetu, and Meganhow. It shows how they simultaneously fight personal and professional battles thereby highlighting the challenges that they face as women. Needless to say, what really makes this show an interesting watch is the very fact that each woman has a personality of her own. They are all different from one another but what brings them together is the kind of support they give each other thereby highlighting the necessity for female bonding. Speaking of which, here are four ways in which they bond with each other.


Speaking of playful, the funniest of the four incredible women is Palomi Ghosh who plays the character of Megan and brings life to the screen. Her sense of humour is endearing and be sure for her quirkiness to rub off on you. She makes a light moment even during the most intense times which serves as a stress relief to the other three.


Teamwork is #1 on the list for these women. We see Nandita (Sakshi Tanwar) and Moushumi (Mona Singh) along with Neetu (Nidhi Singh) and Megan taking charge of different departments of the mission. However, they all support each other while also working in harmony which eventually makes this process of working together, a memorable experience.

Missions Over Mars Highlights 4 Ways Of Female Bonding. Here’s How
Nandita and Moushumi share a happy moment


One of the most important aspects of female bonding has been addressed by the show. The quality of empathy that is shared by these four women is absolutely incredible. When Moushumi is blamed for the failure of a certain mission, we see Nandita consoling her and helping her through the situation. We also see the two of them sharing a special bond over having a family and children while also being determined to launch the mission over mars.


Do we even have to say anything? They are the smartest scientists who have the most intriguing conversations about the mission and how to go about launching the same. The belief they have in the mission is really the highlight of the show.

Catch all the woman power you need in Mission Over Mars exclusively on ZEE5!

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