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 Mission Impossible 7, starring Tom Cruise comes to an end: Christopher McQuarrie took to social media to commend his cast & crew


September 12, 2021

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Christopher McQuarrie shared a photo of himself with Tom Cruise, the film’s star and co-producer

The unthinkable and unbelievable have now been made possible. Mission: Impossible 7 has wrapped, despite obstacles from Covid-19 and a government shutdown with difficult protocols, bringing home an elaborate production that persevered despite the odds.

On Saturday, director Christopher McQuarrie took to Instagram to congratulate the actors and crew for overcoming huge challenges to bring the film to the screen. He shared a photo of himself with Tom Cruise, the film’s star and co-producer.

“All you need are decent people,” McQuarrie wrote. “To our relentless, unrelenting cast and crew: It should have been impossible even in the best of conditions. We can’t believe what you’ve accomplished even after seeing it. Words will never be enough to express our thanks and admiration for you and your loved ones. You are the most gifted individual on the earth.”

The route to the end of production was a jerky one. The Covid-19 epidemic converted a difficult shoot into a near-impossible task. Even after filming restarted, Tom Cruise’s unloading on the London staff resulted in social distancing etiquette violations.

Cruise assisted in the development of protocols for the film’s production, which spanned Italy, Norway, and London. There were rumours of Covid-19 problems during the Italy portion of the shoot, which led the film to be halted for a few days.

The pandemic had its own set of obstacles. The UK government set rigorous regulations, allowing only a small number of critical cast and crew members to enter the country without being quarantined for 14 days. Individuals were also compelled to live in “bubbles” consisting solely of lodging and filming sites.

The next American action spy film Mission: Impossible 7 was written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. It will be the seventh instalment in the Mission: Impossible film series, and the third directed by McQuarrie, following Rogue Nation and Fallout.

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