Mind Wars Quiz: You Can Now Play The Game On ZEE5 App And Win Big Prizes

With the show telecast, questions will also appear on ZEE5 app and you can play the game sitting at home and win vouchers worth Rs 5000.

Jessica David

February 4, 2020


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Mind Wars is a quiz game show on Zee TV, comprising four teams of two students from grade six to ten, and hosted by Shreyas Talpade. They are asked general knowledge questions about India and its current affairs. The team that answers the questions correctly wins the final title. Started on 26 January 2020, it telecasts every Sunday at 10 a.m. The format of the contest is Pyramidal. There will be 16 quarter final episodes with 4 school teams of 2 students in each of the episodes. 16 teams from this stage will move into 4 quarter final episodes and finally, four final teams will be in the finale episode. So there will be 21 episodes in total. The show revolves around the motto, Aisa War Jo Desh Ko Jode!

Watch the latest episode here –

Along with the show being available on ZEE5, it also has a Play Along Gamification where the audience can play from home. With the show telecast, questions will also appear on the ZEE5 app (in the gamification) and you can play the game sitting in the comfort of your home. The questions display four options, which are not visible to the kid contestants on the show. You, the audience, have to select the correct option out of the four to win the game. Two winners are selected from each episode and given shopping vouchers worth Rs 5000. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play along to win exciting prices from Zee TV.

To talk more about the show, the contestants don’t have it easy! Therefore, in need of a lifeline, they can choose a weapon which is either defense or attack. If using the former, they can get the question changed, and while using the latter, they get to choose an already captured state of a team and challenge them. These weapons are used strategically to get ahead of the team in the immediate higher rank, in order to mark the whole map of India in their respective colour.

Catch Mind Wars every weekend only on ZEE5.

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