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Milind Soman’s Wife Ankita Konwar Gets Vocal About Her Struggle And Fight Against Depression; Urges Followers To Practice Self Love


October 1, 2021

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Milind Soman’s wife Ankita Konwar shares her constant battle with depression for years and shares that she deals with anxiety. Check out the power-packed post here

Money can help you buy the most expensive cars, homes, and even the most precious jewels but still make you unhappy deep inside, not allowing your mind to be at peace. Self-love and happiness have become an expensive non-monetary purchase which a lot of people aren’t able to afford. Even the biggest sum of cheque can’t buy this luxury as the only one who can afford is the person you see when you look into the mirror which is none other than yourself.

Check out her powerful post here:

In this, reel Ankita is seen in an Indian avatar while she’s traveling in her car with a ‘self-love is the best love’ song playing in the background. She also highlights that she’s at peace with whatever she has and whatever she doesn’t have. She also shared that self-love is the best one and that’s where the true love journey adjourns.

Netizens were shocked to read this and some didn’t even expect this coming and shared all the positive through their kind words. Some even shared that she’s leading an example for all her followers and shared that it takes a lot of courage to keep on going and seeing the sunrise.

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Ankita had also opened up about her traumatic childhood and how she pulled herself out of it. Ankita was abused as a child, she grew up in hostels, lived in foreign cities alone, and was cheated by people she trusted most. She even lost a brother, an ex-lover, and her father. Ankita was also called names for the way she looked and was judged for being with the person she is incredibly in love with. So if we see Ankia being optimistic, just know that she is.

The way Ankita has opened about her battles giving an insight about her life reflects her strength and her stubborn self to dodge all odds emerging as a winner. Kudos to her strength.

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