Migratory Birds Flock To Gujarat’s Surat With Advent Of Winter Season

Surat is witnessing the arrival of migratory birds; Read further to know

Isha Khatu

December 7, 2020

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The city of Surat every year witnesses a huge flock of birds that migrate from cold countries. Recently as December began, the citizens of Surat witnessed the arrival of these migratory birds. Read further to know more about these migratory birds.

Surat witnessed the arrival of migratory birds 

With the arrival of winter, Surat city recently witnessed migratory birds that included brown-headed gulls and Siberian seabirds. In winters, birds from Siberia, Russia and other cold regions migrate to South Asian countries in the search of food. Many such birds are now seen in Surat wherein they sit on the banks of Tapi river in search of fish and other prays. It was seen that these birds are not scared of human contact. They even eat the food that the people of Surat offer them. Sagar Thakkar, a local shared, “They come from really far off places. These birds are Siberian Seabirds and they come here every year during the winter season. I enjoy watching these birds with my family,”

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They are seen crossing various bridges and are an obstacle for vehicles as they fly in flocks. However, children are having a good time watching these birds fly around in the area. Darshan Desai, Head of Prayas NGO said, “Every year, many such birds fly around in Surat and it is a beautiful site. These are mostly Siberian Seabirds and Brown-headed gulls. These birds find it difficult to adapt to the harsh cold environment in their countries. They cannot find food as the water bodies in cold countries freeze which is why they migrate to South Asian areas where the water bodies are not frozen. As soon as the summer season begins in India, these birds migrate back to their regions in end February and March. ”

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More about migratory birds 

Migration of birds is a seasonal event and happens every year. Species that usually migrate are storks, gulls, turtle doves, and swallows. Birds often migrate from Northern countries to Southern countries and travel a long distance in search of food.

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