Migrant Labourer Gives Birth While Walking Home; Walks 150 Kilometres To Madhya Pradesh

A migrant labourer named Shakuntala gave birth while journeying on foot to Madhya Pradesh. She walked 150 kilometres after resting only for two hours.

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May 14, 2020

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A pregnant migrant labourer named Shakuntala, who was walking from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh, went into labour on the way and gave birth to a baby with the help of four other women who were accompanying her. The woman rested only for two hours after giving birth and then continued her journey. She walked another 150 kilometres to finally reach her home. At the border of Madhya Pradesh, officials immediately admitted Shakuntala and her baby into a nearby hospital. The mother and the child are now completely safe and in a stable condition.

In these tough times, migrant labourers are going through hell every day. Thousands of them are walking miles just to somehow reach their homes. Many have even lost their lives due to hunger. Shakuntala’s story is a glaring example of how the system has failed these workers.

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