Microsoft Introduces New Feature In Excel For Easy Import Of Data

Microsoft has introduced new features in Excel allowing users to import their own data as a custom data type. Read more about it below.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

October 30, 2020

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Microsoft has now introduced a new feature in Excel allowing users to import their own data as a custom data type. The tech company is bringing over 100 new data types into Excel for Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscribers, as reported by The Verge. Excel users will be able to track stocks and pull in nutritional information for dieting plans and much more. This feature is currently available for Office beta testers in the Insiders program.

As per reports by The Verge, Excel users have been using Microsoft’s spreadsheet tool for decades to import, organise and analyse data. However, basic data types have always been limited to text and numbers. With the company now updating Excel to let people import their own data as a custom data type, people may now be able to manipulate data in Excel in new ways. People may also be able to manipulate data in new ways without much hassle. For example, one could import the data type for Seattle and then create a formula that references that single cell to pull out information on the population of Seattle.

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The data can also be refreshed to keep it up to date. This new feature can also help students who are researching the periodic table. For example, one could create a cell for each element and easily pull out individual data from there. The custom data types will be most powerful for businesses that rely on Excel daily. The company is leveraging its Power BI service to act as the connector to bring sources of data into Excel data types on the commercial side, allowing businesses to connect up a variety of data. On the consumer side, Wolfram Alpha data types are currently available in preview for Office insiders and should be available to all Microsoft  365 subscribers soon.

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