Michael Fassbender Birthday: 5 Best Movies of the Actor that You Should Not Miss

On the occasion of the actor’s special day, we decide to run a marathon of five of his best movies. Check out the list of our favourite Michael Fassbender movies.

April 2, 2021


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Hollywood’s prolific actor, Michael Fassbender celebrates his birthday on April 2. An actor par excellence, Fassbender has always managed to intrigue us with his performances and his movie choices. From biopics to superheroes, he has probably attempted every genre while also excelling at it. An Irish-German actor, he has the quintessential qualities of both. You know he’s damn good looking and extremely sharp as an actor. Watching him on the big screen is a delightful experience and there’s seldom a name that excites us as much as Michael Fassbender does. Michael Fassbender in Talks to Star in David Fincher’s Netflix Adaptation of The Killer.

Michael Fassbender Birthday Special: From Steve Jobs To 12 Years a Slave, Best Movies of The Actor That You Should Not Miss

On the occasion of the actor’s special day, we decide to run a marathon of five of his best movies. While these are our favourite movies, yours can obviously differ. So let’s check out the top five Michael Fassbender movies that continue to remain our forever favourites. Michael Fassbender to Produce and Star in the Spy Thriller Malko.

12 Years a Slave 

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A Brad Pitt production, this movie won the Academy Award in the Best Picture category. Fassbender played the role of a ruthless master, Epps, who exploits his ‘slaves’ like no one else. He played his character to perfection so much so that you start hating him right from his first scene with Chiwetel Ejiofor. A terrific performance by Michael that deserves all the good words and praises.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Honestly, the X-Men franchise is quite confusing but thanks to actors like Fassbender and James McAvoy who made it entertaining nonetheless. Michael plays the role of Magneto. Wolverine in this movie goes back in time to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask, whose death leads to the creation of Sentinels. They are basically robots designed to kill the mutants. Fassbender was apt as the egoistic Magneto in this movie and made us fall in love with this comic character all over again.

Inglourious Basterds

A Quentin Tarantino marvel, Inglourious Basterds continues to amaze us even today. Fassbender in here plays a British officer who teams with the Basterds! They are basically a group of Jewish soldiers who hunt down Nazis during World War II. While you don’t need a particular reason to watch a Tarantino movie but we’ll still suggest you watch this one for some terrific performances.

Steve Jobs

The name itself says it all! Steve Jobs is a biopic of the founder of the Apple brand but the movie is beyond that. Fassbender as Steve Jobs penetrates the character like never before and you end up rooting for him harder this time. A biopic on one of the most notable figures of the 21st century, Michael had an enormous weight to carry on his shoulders but he managed to carry it skillfully.

Jane Eyre

A quintessential romantic drama, Jane Eyre, revolved around a governess who finds her true love in the owner of an old mansion. And while their romance blooms, there’s a terrible secret that he’s hiding from her.  A beautiful vintage romance that has all the right kinds of emotions, Jane Eyre is a must-see if you want to see Fassbender outside his comfort zone.

We wish this star performer a very happy birthday and an eventful year ahead.

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