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Meri Jaan Hai Tu: Why Do Desi Parents Object Love That Blossoms Abroad?

Jessica David

September 1, 2020

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Haniya and Ibad belong to the same country but meet and fall in love in New York. Find out why their parents are against their marriage.

Emotional stories always tug at your heartstrings, be it happy or sad. To take you on a rollercoaster ride of feelings, 20+ new Zindagi shows are now available on ZEE5. India’s largest OTT platform ensures your entertainment, even in the difficult times of the lockdown. We bet these series will surely make your #SummerOfEmotions even more interesting and enjoyable. Speaking of Meri Jaan Hai Tu, it is a romantic-drama that talks about overseas love. Revolving around Haniya and Ibad, their own family obstruct their desire to be together. Why don’t desi parents agree to relationships that are formed abroad?

Watch the trailer of this unique series here:

Adapted from Farhat Ishtiaq’s best-selling novel Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, the series follows the lives of two students at Columbia University in New York. Haniya Sajjad aka Hani, essayed by Sarwat Gilani, is a second-generation Pakistani immigrant who loses her parents early on and lives with her grandmother, and Ibad Uzair is a young bachelor, who joins the college for a master’s degree after a brief stint at his father’s business. Love blossoms between the two, when they cross paths and their eyes meet.

Ibad makes countless attempts to ask Haniya out on a coffee date, which she always turns down by stating excuses. Both of them share romantic stares in the classroom and steal glances shyly. Haniya’s friend deems her stupid and makes her see that he is head over heels in love with her. After much hesitation, Haniya herself walks up to Ibad and demands a marriage proposal. He gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring and shouts “Haniya, I love you!” The cute couple begins their happy relationship.

Haniya and Ibad in Meri Jaan Hai Tu

On his trip back home, Ibad reveals about his relationship with Haniya to his family. Raising an objection right away, his father Uzair Farooq (Javed Sheikh) makes it clear that he will never accept Haniya as his daughter-in-law. As a dutiful son, Ibad decides to forget his love and marry the girl of his father’s choice. When he returns to the U.S., Haniya is grief-stricken by an unfortunate incident. Ibad marries her at once and breaks the news to his parents by visiting them. Exploding in anger, Uzair announces that Ibad is no longer part of the family.

Disowned by his family, a sad Ibad talks to Haniya while on his way to the airport. As she hears about what has happened and tries to comfort him by saying that she will visit his family in Karachi and gain his father’s forgiveness, the phone suddenly disconnects. Escalating the already existing difficulty, Ibad meets with a devastating road accident. Was fate not in their favour? Despite being from the same homeland, why do Ibad’s parents disapprove of their marriage? Is it because it all starts in the United States?

Find out more about their relationship on May 1, 2020, by watching all the episodes of Meri Jaan Hai Tu, only on ZEE5.

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