Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Will Ira Find Out That The Kid She Is Operating On Is Her Daughter?

Ira is about to operate the most critical case of her life. But she has no idea that it is her own daughter Mishri. Will she find out the truth?

Ashutosh Oak

May 29, 2019


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The success of any TV show depends upon how well the audience has received it. Some shows do well but the moment they have a leap or a spin-off, the viewers tend to get distracted due to the abrupt story change. We must say that there are very few shows which can pull the leap and continue to entertain the audience. Meri Hanikarak Biwi is one TV show which has pulled the leap thing very well. The makers of the show made sure not to hamper the concept of the show.

Take a look at the latest episode of the show:

After the leap, we saw the character of Mishri enter the show which was a surprise for the audience as well. But this happiness did not stay long as she and Ira met with an accident and that led her into a coma. The viewers of the show are aware that Akhilesh has introduced Mirchi (the robot who looks like Mishri) to hide the secret from the family of Mishri being in a coma.

The hospital where Mishri is kept is the same place where Ira is practicing as a doctor. Ira gets a case of a little kid who is in a rare case of coma and she is about to operate her soon. Till now, Akhilesh has managed to keep it as a secret but after looking at the promo of the upcoming episode, we are afraid of what is going to happen. Take a look at the promo below:

In the promo, we see that the doctor who is handling Mishri’s case calls Akhilesh to inform him that they have found a way to diagnose Mishri. He tells him that his assistant will be conducting this surgery soon. Just then, Ira calls Akhilesh to tell him that she is going to operate the most critical surgery of her life. Later we come to know that the doctor’s assistant is none other than Ira and she is going to operate Mishri. The next day when Akhilesh reaches the hospital he accidentally meets Ira and she sees the papers in Akhilesh’s hands. Will she come to know that she is about to operate on her own daughter?

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