Meri Hanikarak Biwi Ends On 13 December: Here Are 8 Best Moments From The Show

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December 11, 2019


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1. Meri Hanikarak Biwi Ends On 13th December 2019!

Yes, we can understand how bad it is to hear that one of our favorite And TV shows, Meri Hanikarak Biwi, is going off-air. The love story of Akhilesh and Ira recently completed 500 episodes. But at the end of the day, it’s a happy ending for Akhilesh and Ira. The show started in December 2017 and became popular within few weeks of its launch.

Watch the latest episode below:

Our sources confirmed that Meri Hanikarak Biwi will air its last episode on 13th December 2019, i.e. Friday. The show will be replaced by a historical drama ‘Ek Mahanayak Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’ based on the life of the social reformer and father of the Indian constitution, Babasaheb Ambedkar. Coming back to the topic, as a fan, you must have already started missing Akhilesh and Ira. So, in case you are having withdrawal symptoms, check out some of their best moments from the show.

1. The One Where Ira Convinces Akhilesh For A Fake Marriage

At the beginning of the show, Ira tries to convince Akhilesh to let her help him by doing his vasectomy reversal surgery. Akhilesh asks her to stay away from him but Ira keeps on insisting. Ira, then, comes up with an idea of a fake marriage, so that Pushpa, Akhilesh’s mother, will be satisfied that her son is finally married.

2. Drunk Ira Is Uncontrollable!

Akhilesh and Ira get married, and on their first night, Ira gets stoned. Akhilesh tries to control her, but she keeps on running here and there. On the other hand, Pushpa is told by Devina that Akhilesh and Ira won’t be able to celebrate their first night because they don’t love each other. When Pushpa comes nears Akhilesh’s bedroom, she hears Akhilesh running behind Ira and assumes that they both are romancing.

3. Ira & Akhilesh Come Together

Akhilesh and Ira get lost in the jungle as they are on a mission to find the treasure. Akhilesh comforts Ira as she is afraid of rain and lightning. It is indeed one of the most romantic scenes from the show.

4. Akhilesh Disguises Himself As Ganga

Akhilesh comes to know about Vallabh being followed by the goons. He disguises himself as a woman named Ganga and asks for a job at Vallabh’s house so that he can ensure Vallabh’s safety. That said, this scene reminded us of the old Bollywood movie Chachi 420 starring Kamal Hasan.

5. Trinetri Baba Reminds Pushpa Of Her Vows

Remember Trinetri Baba, who came to take Akhilesh with him because he had saved Akhilesh’s life when he was young? Pushpa asks Trinetri Baba to take away her life but not ask for Akhilesh’s. Later, Akhilesh has to give a test wherein which he sits inside the box that was filled with venomous snakes. To Trinerti Baba’s surprise, Akhilesh comes out of the box safe! Thanks, to Ira, who had injected him with an anti-venom solution.

6. Mishri's Entry In the Show

If you ask us to pick THE BEST MOMENT from the show, it would be this. After Ira meets with an accident, everyone almost assumed that she was dead, which is not the case.  Rather, it turns out to be a total surprise for us as well as the Pandey family, because after the leap we were introduced to Mishri, who is Akhilesh and Ira’s daughter.

7. Ira's Doppelganger Gunjan

The episode where terrorists attack Ira’s hospital and forced her to kill the minster during the surgery,  was truly a thrilling ride, wasn’t it? After this incident, the family observes behavioral changes in Ira as she keeps asking silly questions. Later we come to know that Ira was kidnapped by the terrorists and it was her doppelganger, who is staying with the Pandey family as Ira.

8. Ira And Akhilesh's Second Son, Chuttan!

Akhilesh’s family finally comes together after a lot of tragedies. But we then learn about another son of Akhilesh and Ira, who is taken away at the time of birth by Chanda. Yes, we are talking about Chuttan. At first, he tries to deny the fact that Akhilesh and Ira are his parents, but later, Chanda reveals the truth to him. Akhilesh and Ira understand that Chuttan is happy with Chanda and allow her to take care of Chuttan.

Which of the above is your favorite? Or is it something else? Let us know in the comments section below.

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