Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4-8 November 2019 Week-In-Short: Akhilesh Becomes A ‘Khula Sand!’

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November 11, 2019


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Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh’s Vasectomy Reversal Operation


The popular show Meri Hanikarak Biwi has entertained the audience for nearly 2 years now and yet the story of Akhilesh and Ira feels fresh and interesting. In the recent episodes of the show, we saw an interesting twist in which Ira operates Akhilesh for his vasectomy reversal and its successful. But as we all know, everything comes with a price tag. Thought the operation was successful, Akhilesh undergoes some side effects of the operation which make him aroused! Yes, you read that right.

Check out a full recap of the previous week of the show below.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Ira’s Excitement Gets Akhilesh Into Trouble


A doctor tells Ira that Akhilesh’s vasectomy reversal operation is possible but before he could tell her about its side effects the latter gets excited and goes to operate Akhilesh.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Ira To Surprise Pushpa, Mishri And Devina


Post the operation, Ira calls Pushpa, Devina and Mishri to come to the hospital as she wants to a surprise them by telling them about Akhilesh’s vasectomy reversal operation. A few moments later, a nurse comes to Ira and tells her that one of her patients tried to with her.



Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Ira Ties Akhilesh To A Bed


Ira gets angry and goes to the room in which Akhilesh was resting. She finds out that it was Akhilesh who tried to flirt with the nurse. Akhilesh tries to get close to Ira too but she smartly ties him up near the bed.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: The Side Effects!


The doctor who informed Ira about the possibility of Akhilesh’s vasectomy reversal operation comes there and tells her that he wanted to warn her about the side-effects of the operation but she didn’t listen to him in the excitement and went on to do the operation.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh Becomes A Khula Sand


The doctor then tells Ira that because of reversal operation Akhilesh’s sexual hormones have boosted which is why he is getting attracted to females. Pushpa, Mishri and Devina come to the hospital and meet Ira. They ask her about Akhilesh but the latter tries to avoid the topic.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh Misbehaves With The Nurse


On the other hand, Akhilesh frees himself and goes to the room where all the nurses are preparing for the Diwali pooja. Akhilesh sees all the nurses and starts flirting with them.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Devina, Pushpa & Mishri Are About To Find Out The Truth


Devina, Pushpa and Ira come near the pooja room and see that all the nurses running out and saying that a man is misbehaving with them.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Lord Hanuman Saves Ira And Akhilesh


When Ira enters the room, she sees Akhilesh doing the pooja of goddess Laxmi and distributing the prasad to Pushpa, Devina and Mishri. We then come to know that whenever Akhilesh sees a picture or hears songs about lord Hanuman he gets back to normal and doesn’t remember what happened earlier.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh’s Testosterone Gets Activated!


Ira and Akhilesh are returning home when their car’s tyre gets punctured. Akhilesh goes out to find a mechanic and there he sees beautiful ladies which activates his sexual hormones. He goes near those women and tries to woo them.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Ira Locks Akhilesh Inside His Bedroom


Akhilesh hears a song of Hanuman and gets back to normal. He comes near his car and gets annoyed at Ira for delaying for so long as they have to go back home for the Laxmi Puja. Later that day, Ira locks Akhilesh inside their bedroom so that Akhilesh won’t create any further problems.

What will happen when Akhilesh find out about another vasectomy operation gone wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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