Memorable Life Lessons That The Film Raaga Taught Us Without Being Too Preachy  

This PC Shekhar directed movie will teach you about simplicity, love and life.

Parinika Uchil

April 28, 2019


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With a brilliant screenplay and set designing, Raaga is a slow yet meaningful movie set in the 1950s-60s. Starring Mithra and Bhama in the lead roles, Director PC Shekhar has beautifully choreographed each scene piece by piece and weaved it into a fantasy-romance tale.

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Raaga takes us into the journey of Mithra and Bhama (played by Anu), two blind people belonging to different financial backgrounds. While the sets look like they are paintings turned into life, even the costumes, hairstyles and props give us the retro-era feels. A humble movie, Raaga is sure to leave you emotional with some of the hidden life messages in it. Let’s take a look.

1. Live life to the fullest, despite your current situation

Mithra In A Still From Raaga
Mithra In A Still From Raaga

Even though Mithra is blind in the film, he loves to enjoy every morning by breathing in some fresh air on his terrace. He doesn’t let little nuances disrupt his daily routines or plans. If you are in pursuit of happiness too, live like today is your last day. Think that today is all you have and see how your situation changes.

2. Respect your spouse, the highs and lows included

A Still From Raaga
A Still From Raaga

This lady arrives at Mithra’s telephone shop to make one very disturbing call, to her newly-wed husband. Upon learning that she is being mistreated, Mithra steps in and fixes the problem. He also makes the husband understand the importance of a life partner. Leaving your spouse for something that is out of their hand is the sign of being a bad partner.

3. Remember, everyone has some or the other problem

A Still Of Mithra In Raaga
A Still Of Mithra In Raaga

Anu and Mithra finally cross paths, but it isn’t a very good one. He soon makes her understand that everyone has some or the other problem in life. That doesn’t mean that you trouble everyone around for it. It also shouldn’t be an excuse for you to harm yourself. In this case, he was referring to their lack of vision. This is one of the best scenes in the movie and an inspiring one.

4. Hold onto your source of strength and encouragement

A Still Of Mithra With His Onscreen Mother In Raaga
A Still Of Mithra With His Onscreen Mother In Raaga

We all have that one person who is our strength, whether they are with us or not. For Mithra, his deceased mother would often offer kind words of support to instil confidence in him. In this scene, after he is beaten up by a neighbour, he envisions his mother informing him that his strength lies in his walking stick.

5. If someone close to you is showing repentance, give them a second chance

Mithra And Nandini Vittal In A Still From Raaga
Mithra And Nandini Vittal In A Still From Raaga

When Meena’s husband comes back to her, Mithra coaxes her to give him another chance. He advises her about the fact that his demeanour has changed for the better. If you know someone, be it a partner or friend or even someone from your family, who has made a mistake and regrets it, observe their behaviour and you will know whether they really want forgiveness or are pretending. You must watch this scene to understand the depth of such a situation.

Did you learn something else from the movie? The comments space below awaits your thoughts.

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