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The Navarasa Nayaka Starrer Melkote Manja Has A Song For Every Mood: Take A Listen

Parinika Uchil

July 8, 2019

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A family entertainer backed by superb music by Giridhar Diwan. Watch it with your loved ones this weekend because you are in for one hilarious ride!

Written and directed by the famous comedian actor Jaggesh, Melkote Manja is a film backed up by amazing talent. Starring in the lead as Manja, is Jaggesh himself, opposite Aindrita Ray, who plays the role of Parvathi. While the movie is filled with unexpected twists, the background score is worth taking a look at.

For a bucket-load of fun and frolic, watch Melkote Manja now:

1. Feeling patriotic? Listen to India Deshave

Conman Manja describes his situation to the moneylenders, who are chasing him for their money in this funny but beautiful song. What you probably didn’t know was that Jaggesh himself wrote the lyrics of this song.

2. For dreamers, Lifey Subjectu is the best song to listen to

A dream sequence where Manja is trying to pacify an irate Parvathi plays out in the form of Lifey Subjectu. An interesting fact is that this song is sung by Namma Puneeth Rajkumar.

3. Manshagirod will send you into a party mode

A fast-paced track that will keep you attentive and will keep you in the party mood throughout. This comes when Manja’s friends ask him for a treat to celebrate his new job.

4. If you are a hard-core romantic, then Kanmucchi Nenedaaga is your song

Soon, as Parvathi and Manja are almost about to sneak away from the bad guys, they realise that they are in love. Kanmucchi Nenedaaga is a slow and soulful romantic number that all romantics might enjoy on loop. The song too was written by Namma Jaggesh.

The music of Melkote Manja has been created by Giridhar Diwan. Aindrita Ray has justified her role in all the songs while the veteran Jaggesh has complemented her throughout. Their chemistry is adorable, making this the best light-hearted movie you can watch this weekend.

Which song was your favourite? Did you like the chemistry between Manja and Parvathi? Write your comments in the space below.

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