Meka Suri recap: Actors who we would love to watch in Meka Suri 2 as well

If you loved the first part of the gritty thriller Meka Suri, here is a list of commendable performances we would love to watch in Meka Suri 2.

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November 26, 2020

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With the cliff hanger that Telugu film Meka Suri’s first part left us with, we are eagerly awaiting the second part so as to seek closure with Suri and Rani (starring Abhinay and Sumaya). Since Meka Suri 2 is all set to release on November 27 on ZEE5, here is a list of performances in Meka Suri that we would love to watch in the second part.

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1) Meka Suri

Although we know that Meka Suri’s story continues and we will definitely see a lot more of him in the second part, he makes it on this list because of the layers that the character was given. To pull off a role as conflicted and grey as Meka Suri is absolutely commendable. We would love to see how the character is fleshed out in the second part.

2) S.I. Veerabhadra

The very scene that establishes S.I. Veerabhadra’s presence tells us that he is a no-nonsense guy. He thrashes up a man for taking undue advantage of a little girl. Later, he is after the man, who kills two men for doing the same with his wife. He makes sure that no crime is committed on his watch, yet he is conflicted. The actor Naresh Byreddy portrays this role effortlessly as if he was the same man.

3) Raghuram

Raghuram, who started out seeming as a journalist in search of the truth, ended up revealing to the audience that he is not who he shows to be. Be it the role of a journalist learning from his superior and mentor or the man who knows the truth and learning more about it with a police officer, Shravan Sai Tadinada makes us want to see more of the character.

4) Seshagiri

In love with Rani at one point and grieving her loss by the end of the first part of Meka Suri, Seshagiri proves to the audience that he was truly in love with Rani and would do anything for her, including forgiving Suri for marrying Rani and working with Suri to avenge her death.

5) Rani 

Although it is a gruesome thriller, it is Rani and Meka Suri’s love that gives direction to the movie. We know that Rani is dead and cannot be brought back to life. All we want to see is a little more of their love story and how they fell in love; even if it’s a throwback. Sumaya who played Rani portrayed her with extreme authenticity making us want her back in the second part.

Watch Meka Suri 2, premiering on November 27 only on ZEE5!

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