Meka Suri recap: 5 romantic moments from the Telugu film that took our breath away

From eloping with her to the cycle rides he had with her, Here are a few moments between Meka Suri and Rani that take our breath away.

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November 27, 2020

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Although Meka Suri, The Telugu thriller, happens to be the story of a butcher who kills people who wronged his wife, amidst the gruesome thriller, Rani and Meka Suri (played by Abhinay) did manage to steal a few heartwarming moments. At its core, after all, the story is about a husband who is grieving for his wife. Here are a few moments between Rani and Meka Suri that are so full of love that they will warm your heart. you.

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When he waits for her to get on the cycle

A few minutes after Meka Suri is introduced to us, we see a scene that captures the relationship between Meka Suri and Rani perfectly. While she is waiting for him, he pretends that he hasn’t seen her and goes ahead of her, only to stop the cycle a little ahead and ring the bell to call her.

Meka Suri and Rani on a cycle
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When he thinks of her all day

In a scene, we see that Rani is all that Suri can think about while Suri is all that Rani can think about. He is deeply enamoured by her and spends every moment thinking of her. This montage of him dreaming of his love is genuinely heartwarming and will make you wish that they had a happily ever after.

Meka Suri in Meka Suri
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When they get married

When he learns that Rani’s life is full of troubles, from Appalnaidu’s behaviour to Seshagiri pursuing her, he asks Rani to marry him and move in with him. Once they get married, Rani’s grandmother disowns her and Suri is all that she has. The whole montage is as beautiful as can be.

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When he pulls her close while taking the towel from her hand

When Meka Suri comes home after working tediously, he is elated on finding the love of his life waiting for him and getting him a towel and some water so he can wash his feet. What comes as a surprise is that when she hands him the towel, he pulls her close and hugs her.

Meka Suri and Rani in their house
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When he holds her hand while she was walking away

When Suri is angry because she won’t stop working for Appalnaidu, Rani tries talking to him but he pushes her away. Soon after that, Rani says that he can talk to her. Once his anger is subsided, he pulls her close so as to not let her leave. As this happens, we see that the duo is finally happy for a few minutes.

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