Meka Suri: Here’s how the movie draws our attention on various social issues

From mental health to sexual abuse, here is a list of social issues that Meka Suri touches upon.

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December 2, 2020


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From the status of women in our society to the importance of mental health, the Meka Suri franchise discusses a number of social issues during the runtime of the film.  Not always would you have a mainstream film touching upon these. Here’s a list of social issues that Meka Suri addressed and drew our attention towards.

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1) Mental Health

From cutting goat with his teeth to having no control over his rage,  Suri, although he was the hero of the story, evidently needed help with numerous issues. Later when he pretended to be mad, people just abandoned him rather than giving him the help he might have needed. This is a reflection of the common ignorance towards mental health.

2) Stalking and consent

Although Seshagiri helped Suri with his revenge, during the very start of the story, he is seen ogling at Rani and making her uncomfortable with his gazes. Even though Rani tells him a multitude of times that she is not interested in him, he even tries to yell at her and get her consent. He was clearly not okay with a ‘NO’; pretty much like the stalkers who seem to exist out there in an alarming number and are enraged whenever they meet with a rejection.

3) Rape and abuse

Suri’s rage is driven by the fact that his wife was raped and abused multiple times. Apart from the fact that an innumerable number of women are sexually violated across the country every day, a common man’s helpless agony when a near one goes through something similar has been well-expressed in the film.

4) The Naxalites

While we would be having different perceptions towards extremism, the film, by mentioning the existence of Naxalites, wants to tell us that a part of our countrymen aren’t being heard and addressed.

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