Meka Suri 2: S.I. Veerabhadhra is the epitome of a grey character, here’s why

In Meka Suri 2, sub-inspector Veerabhadra is probably the most grey character of all, thanks to all the conflicts he has imposed on himself.

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December 3, 2020


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Telugu thriller Meka Suri 2, the sequel to Meka Suri, stars Abhinay and Sumaiya Sayeed in the lead roles. While Meka Suri continues to avenge his wife’s death by killing the last man responsible for it, he now has a bigger purpose to fulfil, to serve justice to other women who’ve faced atrocities at the hands of men. He aims to do this by taking law into his own hands. The movie is packed with characters that define the grey shades of the human character.

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The very scene that establishes S.I. Veerabhadra’s presence tells us that he is a no-nonsense guy. He thrashes up a man for taking undue advantage of a little girl. Later, he is after the man who kills two men for doing the same with their wives. He makes sure that no crime is committed on his watch, yet he is conflicted. Actor Naresh Byreddy portrays this role effortlessly, as if he was the same man.

He understands that Suri is not an insane person and is just acting like one, and this enrages him. While being righteous towards the law, he also has the tendency to be finicky, so much so that he breaks the law multiple times himself. Although he strongly believes in severely punishing those who do violate women by raping and molesting them, he also hates the fact that Suri is doing it himself.

It is moments like these that neither make him the bad guy nor the good guy. Throughout the movie, Veerabhadra hangs across the thin the line between being a bad cop and a good human. We can neither completely love him since he is against Suri, nor hate him since he believes in the right causes.

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