Meka Suri 2 review: Trinadh Velisila nails it with this chilling thriller

With Meka Suri 2, the audiences get the perfect ending to the thriller series. Read to find out more.

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November 28, 2020


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The second part of the the popular Telugu thriller Meka Suri,  Meka Suri 2, just launched on ZEE5. While the first part set up the characters and conflicts, the second part is where they were all resolved. Meka Suri 2 gives all our characters the closure we wanted to see. Towards the very end of the first part we had leartn that Raghuram is an undercover cop disguised as a journalist. Meka Suri 2 picks up right where Meka Suri had ended.

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Raghuram and Arjun start discussing about Meka Suri and we learn that Veerabhadra is alive. Out of the three people, Krishna Rao, Gopal Rao and Appalanaidu, Krishna Rao was yet to be killed. This put Krishna Rao on both Suri’s and the police’s radar. However, we learn that even Appalanaidu had survived and wants Suri dead. Meka Suri manages to kill them both. Although Suri manages to kill the three people, it is what happens later and what Raghuram asks of him that comes as a surprise.

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Without giving any spoilers, one thing that all viewers can be assured of is that everyone in the movie, from Suri to Arjun get the closure they needed. While Meka Suri was gritty and gruesome in the story’s treatment, Meka Suri 2 is a lighter watch. For all the thriller and action fans out there, the Meka Suri series is a must watch. We get to see the perfect character arch when it comes to Suri.

He becomes less violent and more level-headed as the story goes on. Owing to what happened in the first part, Suri finds a purpose in his life and decides to get all the girls that got taken advantage of, the justice that they need and seek.

When it comes to the actors performances, each person outdoes the standards that they set in the first part. Be it Shravan as Raghuram, or Naresh Byreddy as SI Veerabhadra, as the story develops their performances get even better.

For everyone who wanted to see more of Sumaya Syed as Rani, we do get a few moments between Suri and her that add value to the plot.

The biggest contribution to the movie is the crisp editing by Suresh K Kasukurthi and the flawless writing of director Trinadh Velisila. Not one scene in the movie seems redundant or stretched out. This along with Abhinay’s performance makes the movie-watching experience even more enjoyable.

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All in all, Meka Suri 2 is the perfect watch for this weekend.

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