Meka Suri 2: All you need to know about the gruesome action thriller

Watched the gut-wrenching thriller, Meka Suri? We are back with the second part on ZEE5 and it only gets more exciting.

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November 24, 2020


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If you’ve watched the first part of the Telugu movie Meka Suri, you know that it is a grilling commentary on the situation of women in our country. A husband’s revenge for his wronged wife is the driving force of Meka Suri. The first part was an unmissable action thriller that could give one nightmares for many moons to come. The second seems to only top it up and get us an engaging movie.

Watch the trailer for Meka Suri 2 right here!

Meka Suri is a 2020 ZEE5 Original Telugu crime thriller movie, starring Abhinay and Sumaya in the lead roles. The story revolves around Meka Suri, a butcher, who gets married to his love, Rani. However, when Rani gets brutally murdered by a group of people, Meka Suri decides to avenge her death with the help of Naxalites.

With commendable performances by the theatre actor Abhi and his counterpart Lirisha, every bit of the movie is authentic and throws the reality on your face. The second part features Pramod as Officer Arjun who is all set to catch Meka Suri. While we would love to know if Meka Suri is caught or not, the story promises to be much more than that. The movie premieres on November 27, 2020 on ZEE5.

Catch the most enthralling and captivating thriller of 202o and get answers to all the questions that Meka Suri‘s first part left you thinking about.

Watch the teaser for the movie right here!

About Meka Suri 2 

A sequel to Meka Suri, Meka Suri 2 is a 2020 ZEE5 Original Telugu crime thriller movie starring Abhinay and Lirisha in the lead roles. After Meka Suri continues with his revenge on killing the last man responsible for his wife’s death, he now has a bigger task on himself to serve justice to other women who’ve faced atrocities at the hands of men, by taking law into his own hands.

Watch this thrilling drama only on ZEE5. 

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