Meet Vikram Agnihotri, A Specially Abled Ace Driver From Indore Who Drives With His Legs

Meet Vikram Agnihotri, a resident of Indore who is the first specially-abled man to get a driving license.

Vikram Agnihotri is a specially-abled man who is a resident of Indore who is known for his outstanding driving skills. Despite not having functional hands, Vikram drives with his legs and he is very good at it. Read further to know more about this outstanding man.

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Vikram is the first specially-abled man who has got a permanent driving licence. He learned to drive in an automated car and he said that he feels free whenever he is driving his car. He lost his hands at the tender age of 7. He met with an electrical accident at the age of 7 which resulted in his hands becoming dysfunctional for the rest of his life. His hands had to be amputated because the hands were infected with Gangrene. If the doctors had not operated on them and amputated his hands, the poison could have spread in the rest of his body and could have killed him. During the pandemic, Vikram took the time to make himself totally independent and tried to do his daily chores by himself.

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Vikram can write, operate his laptop and shave with the help of his legs. His parents have been very supportive of him and always take care of his needs whenever he asks them to. Vikram gives full credit to his mother for his recovery and rehabilitation. He said that she did not give up on him and motivated him to get back to his activities as a child. Due to his mother, Vikram was able to enjoy his childhood like any other child. He learned activities like swimming at the age of 8 despite his amputated arms.

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