Meet These Cute Characters Of Gadget Guru Ganesha

A brand new show for kids that teaches them how to have fun, while learning the important lessons in life, Gadget Guru Ganesha is sure to win many hearts.


August 16, 2020


3 min


Zee5 has come up with a new show, Gadget Guru Ganesha, that will make the kids and adults alike, fall in love with the smart and witty children and their Dada Ji and Dadi Ji. These characters are not just adorable but also possess the curious and energetic personality that we all wish to possess. Let’s look at some of them and see what they are up to.

Watch the show here.


7-year-old Guru is an intelligent and creative boy who loves science. His curiosity and love for adventures and knowledge always put him in a path for the most trips and eccentricities in the India House.


A close friend of Guru, Nikky is also a 7-year-old, who’s playful, vivacious with a love for nature and Kung Fu. Guru and her regularly go on adventures, along with Ganesha while her brother creates trouble for them.


A magical soft toy that turns into a living being in front of the kids, Ganesha looks exactly like the Hindu god Ganesha. He loves eating food, especially Modak and creates amazing gadgets for Guru and his friends. He also tries to teach them valuable morals and life lessons along the way and inspires Guru to work harder for his love of science.

Dada ji/Retd. General Garam Singh:

A 65-year-old Punjabi man, Dada Ji is the one who runs the orphanage India House, along with his wife. He’s a jolly old man who focuses on the importance of exercise but is the first to laugh on the kids’ small jokes and pranks. He’s mostly out of town, but whenever he returns brings gifts for the kids.

Dadi Ji/Prema Ji:

She’s the wife of Dada Ji and takes care of the orphanage by her husband’s side. She’s a 60-year-old South Indian, quite strict and disciplined and focuses solely on feeding the children good food and making them concentrate on their studies.


He’s the help of Dada and Dadi Ji’s in the India House. A 23-year-old man from Bihar, Zukki doesn’t like kids and doesn’t leave a chance to prove so. He tries his best to get the kids in trouble in front of Dadi Ji but mostly fails. He’s shrewd, suspicious, and very talkative, eating Dadi’s ears off about the kids’ latest antics.

Cry Baba:

A rich mad scientist who lives in the house opposite to India House, Cry Baba hates happiness and tries his best to annoy people and make them unhappy through his gadgets. Since he doesn’t like joy, he’s sobbing on things others would laugh at. 


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