Meet These Brave Hearts From London Confidential

A new spy thriller that boasts of speed chases, suspense, and deception, its a film that’ll get your heart pumping with every second.


August 19, 2020


4 min


A dark spy thriller that will take your patriotic spirit a notch higher, London Confidential that will soon be released on ZEE5 will surely give you goosebumps right from the start. Set in London, the film focuses on the lives of RAW officers in a post-pandemic era. Many agents are stationed all over the city, while a grocery store acts as a cover for the RAW outpost. They soon get the whiff of a mole present amongst them and assign one of their best agents on the chase.  A series of brutal killings of Indian agents is followed by a power-packed action drama led by Uma and Arjun, RAW officers and Nirupama, an experienced ambassador.

Watch the teaser here.


A senior Raw agent who’s been undercover for almost a decade at the Indian Embassy, Uma is one to be feared and respected. Essayed by actress Mouni Roy, Uma is a woman in her 30’s that has mastered the art of carefully balancing her work life with her personal life. This art had helped her save her own marriage with her longtime boyfriend, while on undercover missions for her job. A tough, female agent, Uma has proven time and again her dependency in tough situations, making her indisposable to RAW.


The epitome of charm and confidence, Nirupama, an experienced Ambassador, has effortlessly risen in the ranks of her professional life while balancing her personal life. She’s intelligent and to the point, not hesitating in being strict and assertive to match her work profile when needed. Although her personal life suffers a blow due to her dedication towards her job, it doesn’t stop her from working for her country and its citizens. The talented Kulraj Randhawa plays the role of Nirupama who gracefully depicts the emotions and struggles of a diplomat.


Hailing from a family of bureaucrats in Chandigarh, Arjun played by the handsome Purab Kohli provides an idle dose of humor and seriousness needed for his colleagues to stay on track and focus on their mission. His extensive experience in undercover missions taught him the value of humor to get through the lowest points in life and is able to empathize with his colleagues and friends in similar situations. Although he’s sometimes irked by Uma’s seniority since they’re both the same age, their problematic personal lives make them bond.

Mrs. Mehta:

A technician and long term teammate of Uma, Mrs. Mehta is everything that Uma isn’t. She follows the rule book like a bible and is always the voice of calm during serious situations. She acts as the barrier between Uma and Arjun during their constant bickering as a result of their difference in ideologies. The role is played by the gorgeous Kiren Jogi.

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