Meet The Entertaining Tiwari Family Of Hamariwali Good News!

Meet Renuka and Navya who share a unique relationship and are known as the #SaasBahuSaheli of the television!

Ankita Tiwari

September 27, 2020



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Zee TV is coming up with a new show and it is going to be an exceptional concept for the Indian television scenario. The show is based on a middle-class family based in Agra at Uttar Pradesh. The Tiwari family consists of Aditya and his parents Renuka and Mukund, and his wife Navya Tiwari. They are a happy, small family who supports each other and engages in familial arguments from time to time. But one topic that is the root cause of most brawls is Navya’s wish to not bear a child. Later, Navya wishes to have one but her biological clock seems to have ticked away and she asks for help and from whom? Yes, from her own best friend, her mother-in-law!

Watch the trailer of the upcoming show Humariwali Good News here.

1. Renuka Tiwari: Juhi Parmar is a veteran actress and a well-known face in the television industry. The actress is playing the role of Renuka Tiwari who loves her son to the core. Renuka is disappointed that her son chose his wife and she could not have a say in it. She keeps finding faults in her daughter-in-law but their relationship changes once Renuka decides to bear a child for her daughter-in-law.

2. Navya Tiwari: Navya’s role is played by Srishti Jain who is apt for the show! She is a happy go lucky person who believes in fate. She wished to marry her prince charming and she completed her wish. But she feels that having children at a young age would hinder her lifestyle and she chooses not to have a baby until her neighbour has one. She then starts praying for a baby only to realise that she can’t have one!

3. Aditya Tiwari: Aditya is a gym freak and loves working out. He gets torn between his love for his mother and his wife. But Aditya manages to handle home and work both. He is a very sweet husband and supports his wife’s wishes above all. Aditya’s role is played by the actor Raghav Tiwari.

4. Mukund Tiwari: Mukund (Shakti Anand) is the head of the family but has no control as his wife Renuka controls the family. He has been married to his wife for 28 years and their marriage seems to be dead now. But then the opportunity of having a baby for their son comes up and they have to reignite their marital bliss!

Aren’t you excited to see this unique and amazing show? Stay tuned for more details!

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